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Christie Tells Local Officials to Expect Pain

Does this mean that Middletown’s Gerry Scharfenberger and his fellow Republicans will now stop blaming Trenton Democrats for their own failures and tax increases in Middletown and now point their finger at one of their own in the future? Some how I doubt it.

N.J. Governor-elect Christie tells local officials to expect ‘a continued period of pain’

Gov.-elect Chris Christie sent a strong message to an audience of municipal politicians and workers gathered at the luncheon at the annual League of Municipalities convention in Atlantic City today: Stop thinking about yourselves, or you’ll will be voted out. (Video by Brian Donohue / The Star-Ledger)


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A Football Friday Double-Header: Princess Picks Pariots over Jets, Giants Over Falcons

For this week, Princess the Camel is doubling-down and picking picking two teams to win on Sunday after her pick of the Jets came up short in the final seconds against the Jaguars last week.

For some reason Princess’s handler John seems to want to stick with local teams this week even though her choices for the New York teams haven’t worked out very well so far this season.

In the first of her picks this week, Princess has chosen the New England Patriots to beat the Jets in the early game in New England, then changes gears and picks the Giants to clip the wings of the Falcons as the swoop down into Giants Stadium.

When questioned about her pick’s Princes responded ” Well, if the NE coach doesn’t make any blunders like he did last week in the loss to the Colts they should roll over the Jets. The Giants – I hope they learned a lesson from the Jets and used their extra week off to get their act together and prepare for the Falcons.”.

Well Princess, so do I.

Princess’s predictions now stand at an even .500 , 5-5 for the season.

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Friday Morning Humor: How I Learned to Mind My Own Business

I was walking past the mental hospital the other day,
And all the patients were shouting, ’13….13….13.’
The fence was too high to see over, but I saw a Little gap in the planks,
so I looked through to see what was going on…..
Some idiot poked me in the eye with a stick!!!
Then they all started shouting ’14….14….14’…

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Bob Brown Back On Strategy Room This Morning At 11:00

Former Democratic Candidate for the 13th legislative District, Bob Brown, will be making another appearance on the Fox News online web program, The Strategy Room, this morning at 11 am.

This will be Brown’s first appearance on the show since the November 3rd election and should be interesting to hear his insights about the before going on to discuss the days topic for which he is a panelist for.

Bob Brown,is a retired Old Bridge NJ police office who was shot in the line of duty and who now pratices, law will make his 10th appearance on the program and will be discussing with other panelist “Cops and Cases”.

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