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RNC chairman doubts GOP will win back the House this November

The Hill
By Bob Cusack

RNC Chairman Michael Steele said Monday night that he doesn’t think Republicans will win control of the House in 2010 .

Asked by Sean Hannity on the Fox News Channel whether he believes the GOP is going to take over the House, the chairman of the Republican National Committee responded, “Not this year.”

Pressed on his prediction, Steele later said, “I don’t know yet.” Steele said, “We’re going to see, I think, nice pickups in the House,” but added it is difficult to provide a number because it is still early in the 2010 cycle.

Other Republicans, including House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (Va.) and House Chief Deputy Whip Kevin McCarthy (Calif.), have expressed more optimism about the chances the GOP will retake the lower chamber this year.

Hannity urged Steele on Monday night to draft a new Contract with America before the November elections.

Steele did not completely commit to a new contract, but said, “I think you’re going to a see a definitive document with clear definitions of who we are.”

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Bob Brown Back on Strategy Room This Morning At 11:00

Old Bridge attorney and former Democratic candidate for NJ Legislative District 13, Robert”Bob” Brown will make another appearance this morning at 11:00 am on Fox News’s online web program “The Strategy Room“.

This marks the 14th time Bob has been a guest on the show.
During the 11:00 hour Bob will be joining host Lis Weilh and fellow guests Psychiatrist Dr. Dale Archer (DrDaleArcher.com) and Personal Injury Attorney Keith Sullivan to discuss “Cops and Cases”
If you have the time to tune in you should check out the show. Anytime Bob Brown has made an appearance on the show it has always been a lively and interesting discussion that has lead to some insightful T.V.

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