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You Be The Gov: Balance The Budget Using "Deficit -O- Meter"

Do you think you have what it takes to be New Jersey Governor and balance the up coming budget? The budget has a looming $ 9.5 billion deficit that must be closed, can you do it? The Asbury Park Press has posted a “Deficit-o-Meter” to help you out.
As the APP points out, choose carefully because your choices could lead to dire consequences for yourself and taxpayers.
Some of the choices to choose from include raising taxes and fees like the income tax, gas tax and motor vehicle fees or cutting state aid to schools, hospitals and municipalities.
Do you accept federal stimulus to keep the budget in the black or defer pension obligations for another year and what happens if you are somehow able to cut salaries for union members? I gave it a work out and had to make a few hard, draconian choices to come up with a budget surplus of $12,650.
Give it a try and see what we’re up against this coming year, it’s not pretty!


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