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Solomeno First To Throw His Hat In The Ring For Dems In Monmouth County Freeholders Race

Hazlet Resident Vincent Solomeno, has become the first Monmouth County Democrat to officiall announce his intentions to seek the Party nod to run along side Freeholder John D’Amico.

Solomeno made his announcement with a brief posting on his Facebook page that simply stated “Vincent Solomeno is running for monmouth county freeholder.” this afternoon after posting earlier in the week that he had a big announcement to make on Friday.

Last night he posted the following Youtube video:

For those of you who do not know Vincent, he was named one of “50 Rising Stars in New Jersey Politics” by Politicker New Jersey, he has managed or worked on local, state, and national campaigns. He has worked for Congressman Frank Pallone.

In 2006, Vincent became a Truman Scholar and in 2007, he was selected as a J. William Fulbright Scholar to the Netherlands where he earned a Master of Arts in European Studies at the University of Amsterdam. A Distinguished Military Graduate (DMG), he is a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army Reserve and is training to become a Combat Engineer.

So when Vincent has an opinion about something it’s worth listening to, he is not some loony liberal trying to push mandates down our throats. He is an extremely intelligent and distinguished member of the Monmouth County community who’s thoughts and ideas should be considered.


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Saturday Morning Cartoons: Dodo- Kid from Outer Space

A little Sci-Fi on a Saturday morning is just what the doctor ordered to start the day off on the right toon.

Now, if I only had some Quisp!

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President Obama’s Weekly Address: 1/16/10 Getting Our Money Back from Wall Street

As the President continues to work on immediate job creation, he discusses his proposal for a new fee on the largest financial institutions to ensure that every cent of taxpayer assistance gets paid back. Saying that, “we’re not going to let Wall Street take the money and run,” he then to discusses the ongoing push to make sure banks can never put our economy at risk again.

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