Solomeno For Freeholder: Why I’m Running

Like so many others, I was disappointed with the outcome of the election last November. While the implications of that day have yet to fully reveal themselves, it is clear to me that this moment demands increased citizen involvement in the public policy process. In short, it’s time to engage.

I’m running for Monmouth County Freeholder because I believe we can do better. Since November, I’ve visited with elected officials, party leaders, and private citizens to hear their ideas and concerns. They share my belief that we can regain our Democratic majority on the Freeholder Board through an energetic grassroots campaign that focuses on stabilizing property taxes, preserving open space, and aggressively pursuing opportunities to bring new businesses – and the jobs that come with them – to Monmouth County.

My decision to pursue the nomination is the first step on a road that I hope will lead to victory come November. I intend to build a campaign of people, not power brokers. A campaign defined not by sound bites, but substantive ideas. And perhaps most importantly, this will not be a campaign defined by one person, but by citizens joined together in the pursuit of a common goal: a green, safe, and affordable Monmouth County.

As I’ve said to those I’ve spoken with in the short time since taking this decision, I have no illusion about the many challenges that lay ahead. Yet the obstacles I face in the coming campaign are nothing compared to those facing Monmouth County and our fifty-three municipalities. Quite literally, we can no longer afford the status quo. Indeed, I firmly believe that the present circumstances requires Democrats, Republicans, and independents alike to set aside petty differences, roll up our sleeves, and work together for the public good.

I am optimistic about the future of Monmouth County and it will be my honor to run alongside Judge John D’Amico in an effort that translates that optimism into real results. In the mean time, I encourage you to keep me on my toes. Let me know what I’m doing right, what you think I can be doing better, and please be sure to visit my web site at

Thank you.

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