Hypocrite Handlin Took $3000 From NJEA

13th Legislative District Assemblywoman Amy Handlin(R-Monmouth) has to be one of the largest hypocrites in Trenton.

In a press release issued yesterday, before today’s stunning US Supreme Court ruling that overturned decades worth of campaign finance reforms put in place by Congress, Handlin praised Governor Christie’s executive order that “created a more fair political system for taxpayers by applying pay-to-play restrictions to contributions made by labor unions or to legislative leadership committees…

So why is Assemblywoman Handlin a hypocrite you ask? Handlin had no problems with the pay-to-play laws while taking a $3,000 campaign contribution from the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) while seeking re-election last year!

That’s right, Handlin took money from the largest labor union in the State and now says that it is wrong for unions to be politically active by making campaign donation to candidates who seek political office.

It seems that as long as Handlin got her money from the NJEA everyone else can now be damned.

Do you think she has the decency to return the money to the NJEA? I doubt it.

What a hypocrite!

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