Princess Picks Jets Over Colts in AFC Championship Game on Sunday

It’s been a while since I posted predictions from the prognosticating camel of Popcorn Park Zoo, Princess, December 4th to be exact.

At the time Princess’s won- loss record stood at 7-7 and I just couldn’t take another prediction of a Giants win that evenually turned to a defeat.

Since that time however, Princess has manage to turn it around and has now amassed a 12-9 record going 5-1 since week 14. During that time she has chosen the Jets successfully 4 times.
So this week she goes back to the well and predicts a Jets win once again. Here’s what she had to say:
“Hmmmm, this is a real real tough one… You know how much I like Payton, the best QB to ever play the game….but I think the Jets have caught lightning in a bottle the last couple weeks.”

So for all Jets’s fans in the area, I hope she’s right. It really would be something to have the Jets represent the AFC in the Superbowl after a 31 year run of mediocrity.

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