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Middletown: It’s Your Town Hall Newsletter Volume 2 Issue 2 – Now Availible

I am hearing some very positive feedback from the publishers of the “It’s Your Town Hall” newsletter, residents seem to be very interested in what’s going on down at Middletown’s Town Hall but for reasons such as work and family, they have not been able to pay as close attention as they would like to how their local government is run.
Many who have subscribed to the newsletter (over 100 so far) have stated that the information contained inside of it is both helpful and useful, it gives them a good idea of what is happing at township committee meeting each month. They also have stated that the non-partisanness of the newsletter is refreshing.

This issue of the “It’s Your Town Hall” Newsletter addresses the happenings at the January 21, 2010 Township of Middletown’s monthly committee meeting.

It contains comments made by the members of the township committee as well as public comments by residents in attendance.

Points of interest include:

Why did the police department spend $2468 on 1 office chair?
Rent increases for residents at Conifer Village.
Upcoming budget.

Find your copy of “It’s Your Town Hall” newsletter >>> Here

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