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Saturday Morning Cartoons: The Bullwinkle Show "Mr. Know-It All"

This Saturday morning, in honor of all those who are in the middle of their Mid-Term exams, I give you “Mr. Know It All”

Get out the Cherrios and pay attention, this stuff may be on an exam someday!

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President Obama’s Weekly Address: 1/30/10 Reining in Budget Deficits

The President pledges to rein the deficit, citing three specific steps to this end. He praises the Senate for restoring the pay-as-you-go law, discusses his proposal for a freeze in discretionary spending, and calls for a bipartisan Fiscal Commission to hammer out further concrete deficit reduction proposals.

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Obama Takes On the GOP Retreat

He came, He spoke, He conquered…President Obama attended today’s Congressional GOP Retreat outside of Baltimore and by all accounts kicked-ass!

The entire ass-whopping was broadcast live on all of the major cable news networks and C-Span. Evidently the beating Obama was placing on the GOP was so brutal that Fox News broke away early from so that they could show a non-news interview with NY Congressman Peter King, while other networks stayed till the end of the 1.5 hour confrontation.

It will be hard for the GOP to get up off the canvass after this one, score this a big knock-out by the President.
Here’s a little bit of what Politico had to say about it:

BALTIMORE — President Barack Obama on Friday accused Republicans of portraying health care reform as a “Bolshevik plot” and telling their constituents that he’s “doing all kinds of crazy stuff that’s going to destroy America.”

Speaking to House Republicans at their annual policy retreat here, Obama said that over-the-top GOP attacks on him and his agenda have made it virtually impossible for Republicans to address the nation’s problems in a bipartisan way.

“What happens is that you guys don’t have a lot of room to negotiate with me,” Obama said. “The fact of the matter is, many of you, if you voted with the administration on something, are politically vulnerable with your own base, with your own party because what you’ve been telling your constituents is, ‘This guy’s doing all kinds of crazy stuff that’s going to destroy America.’ ”

Obama’s comments came in the midst of an extraordinary back-and-forth with Republican House members — a scene straight out of the House of Commons that played out live on cable TV.

Republicans invited Obama to appear at their annual conference; the president accepted — and then surprised them by asking that cameras and reporters be allowed into the room.
Republicans immediately agreed to the request, but they may be regretting it now.
Again and again, Obama turned the Republicans questions against them — accusing them of obstructing legislation for political purposes and offering solutions that won’t work….

You can read the rest >>>Here

You can watch the whole confrontation below from C-Span if you wish.

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