A Few Comments On The Proposed Lincroft Sports Complex

A few anonymous readers left comments on yesterday’s blog post about the proposed sports complex in Lincroft. I thought that they were interesting and worth posting so that others would see what a few people are thinking about this.

I also would like to point out a little fact to readers about the letter that was at the end of the post. After reading it several times over I should have edited it slightly by taking out the call to vote out member of the Board of Education when the next school board election takes place in April.

There is blame on both sides of this issue, but to be fair to members of the school board, who rightly or wrongly get demonized by a handful of residents who have an agenda against a few members is wrong. I believe that whether or not you agree with the decisions made by the Middletown Board of Education over the years, they are truly only interested in looking out for the students and have their best interests in mind when forming policy.

Before I post the comments left by readers, I feel it necessary to point out that the resident who wrote the letter which was posted yesterday, is a neighbour of Mayor Scharfenberger, who lives nowhere near Lincroft and wouldn’t be effected in the least by the building of the complex.

This little fact has lead me to believe that something is up. Is she just a concerned citizen or is there more to it?

Why just go after the BOE in the letter and not mention the members of the Township Committee that pushed this idea forward after talks with the BOE faultered last year unless you were trying to score a few points with the residents of Lincroft by demonizing the Board of Education?

Here are the comments left by readers:

Anonymous#1 said…

Nut Swamp would be a GREAT site. The area of the field right next to Normany Park is not used now.
(1) The field is big enough that it could house a turf field and keep their existing grass fields.
(2) Where they could put it is right next to Normandy … and build a staircase or access to the Normandy parking lot.
(3) It is far enough away from the school to not disturb them during school hours

Anonymous#2 said…

The mayor and the republican majoroty are hiding much of the truth from the residents. Nothing new from this deceitful bunch. The BOE has an obligation to protect the taxpayers and the properties owned by the school board from the politics of the township committee …and make no mistake about it….POLITICS is playing a major part in this scene. It did on Midd- Lincroft Road and it’s more of the same again.Backroom deals and sneaky politicans doing exactly as they please until the public finally protests this crap when they are lucky enough to learn of it.

The people in Middletown should pack that courtroom at the regular monthly meeting.All the people of Middletown from all the villages that comprise this township should voice protests against a project for which the expense is not appropriate for the times,not appropriate for the location and is against the will of most of the people in this township.

Send the mayor and his comrades a message that can’t be misunderstood. What is so difficult to understand about the simole word NO ??

Anonymous#3 said…

My husband & I were at monday night’s meeting and I can assure you the mayor of Middletown has a talent for distorting the truth. This is not the first time either, I don’t believe he is capable of the truth or fair play. Playing the BOE as the bad guy in this is a play for drama to try and cram this down the throats of the BOE.

These creeps in the administration fool no one and the scene of the BOE as bad guy is unfair and untrue. Talk to Laura Akin,president of the BOE.

This proposal is for a location on two county roads and I don’t believe anything like this project can progress without a great deal of input from the County. I live in the area and from knowing how things work around here, that would be what I believe may save this area on Everett & West Front Street from this expansion. It will require traffic studies etc,probably by the County and the many public safety issues will play into any decision. Scarfy&Co. are not without fault by any means.they never are as they try to pull off their crap in the back rooms at town hall.

The residents should pack the courtroom at the regular meeting in February and sent a message these uncouth politicians can’t misunderstand once and for all.

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