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SONIC Goup Meets The Mayor

Saturday morning members of SONIC (Save Our Neighborhood’s Integrity & Character) met with Mayor Scharfenberger in his office at Town Hall to talk about the turf fields slated to be built at West Front Street Park.

I was not there so I will just report what I was told about it.

SONIC was trying to get some answers regarding the installation of the sports complex facility at the site, which all of the group’s members are against and were never directly informed of . They came away from the meeting with a sense that the project is being “re-evaluated” because of their objections.

SONIC made it clear to the Mayor that group has no objection to installing turf fields, but do not want lights, a PA system or stadium style seating. They explained that this would only bring an abundance of cars to the area, for which there is no adequate parking for.

They were also told by the mayor that the construction firm, CMX, is conducting a study of the wetlands at the park, for the EPA and at the moment because of their concerns the project has been placed on hold.

I was told that the group, as well as representatives of the Lincroft Village Green Association (LVGA) will be at tomorrow evenings Township Committee meeting to read the letter that I posted last week.

Tomorrow’s meeting is shaping up to be very interesting, for those that are interested in this topic you shouldn’t miss it.

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