Lincroft Village Green Association Issues Statement Opposing Lincroft Sports Complex

On its website, the Lincroft Village Green Association (LVGA) posted the following statement against the proposed sports complex being planned for the West Front Street Park. They feel that the Township and Board of Education should work together and iron out a shared services agreement that would allow these artifical turf fields to be place on Board of Education property:

The Lincroft Village Green Association recognizes that the money being used for the turf field plus amenities improvements was bonded (not free grant money), which is a loan with interest that Middletown residents must pay back through our taxes. In the interests of all Middletown residents, we ask the Middletown Township Committee to reconsider the timing and use of these funds in the current poor economic climate, and to contemplate repaying the bond off without using it at this time.

We do not support the proposed amenities and features to the West Front Street Park soccer fields, but do support improving these fields for moderate use for soccer, lacrosse, or field hockey.

We believe a public forum should be held without further delay between the Middletown Township Committee and the Board of Education to reexamine shared use of existing school fields, and to consider improving the most appropriate fields for the benefit of the community as a whole (i.e. sharing of the fields by schools and community sports teams—a win-win situation). These two groups must commit to working together for the overall good of the entire Middletown community.

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