Middletown School Board Invites Governor to Forum To Discuss How The Proposed Cuts to State Aid Will Affect Schools

From the Atlantic Highlands Herald

Middletown, NJ – On Thursday, March 4, the Middletown Township School District will host a forum on the way Governor’s proposed cuts to state aid will affect the school district. The forum will be held at the Middletown High School North Auditorium at 7:30 PM. The school is located at 63 Tindall Road in Middletown, off Route 35 North. Governor Chris Christie has been personally invited to the forum to learn how his proposals may directly result in nearly $6 million in cuts to the largest K-12 school district in Monmouth County. Middletown’s elected officials are expected to take part in the forum panel. The public is invited and encouraged to learn how the Governor’s proposals to balance the state budget will impact education in Middletown and throughout New Jersey.

The Governor’s recent actions to substitute school district surplus for state aid reduced funding for Middletown’s 2010-2011 budget by $2.3 million, and reduced our State Aid by $2.8 million overall. District surplus results from efficiencies in budgeting and saved cost accumulated through the year. These savings are directly applied to reduce the amount taxpayers are asked to fund the school budget the next year. It is more appropriately labeled taxpayer relief. The Governor’s actions will essentially increase Middletown property taxes to fund the state’s budget deficit. This is not an equitable action and the Middletown School District and its taxpayers are being penalized for the district’s frugality. Middletown has consistently remained efficient and fiscally prudent, as evidenced by the district maintaining a per pupil cost well below the state average.
Middletown Business Administrator William Doering recently testified to the State Assembly Budget Committee, stating, “Our district and several others have worked hard to achieve savings and have aggressively managed our budgets to save as much money as possible.”

Nice try by the Middletown Board of Education to put a spotlight on the districts needs and to inform residents of the problems that will be created when Gov. Christie imposes aid cuts to school districts, by inviting him to discuss his cuts to school districts in a town hall like forum.

I just don’t think Christie has enough in him to to handle such a meeting and have to answer how cuts to education will effect the local tax structure, to devote an hour or more of his time to defend himself in front of an auditorium full of angry taxpayers who will question his judgement on the issue.

So I wouldn’t expect to see him there, but it should be worthwhile for residents to attend anyway to hear how the school district and local officials intends to handle the cuts in state aid.


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5 responses to “Middletown School Board Invites Governor to Forum To Discuss How The Proposed Cuts to State Aid Will Affect Schools

  1. Is the governor as incapable as the current MTC administration in this community?We will see won't we?

  2. To Anon poster 11:53 – Yeah, and Corzine turned out to be Mr. Capable (sarcasm).I gave Corzine 2 years before starting to pass judgement on his performance … and am still not passing judgement on Obama's performance yet (will see after 2 years in office).We will certainly see about how capable Christie is… but need to give him his due time as well.aNON

  3. I have lived in Middletown for almost 15 years. I have yet to see the tax payer relief. If a surplus happens year after year after year, the organization or department is overfunded. I suspect this surplus has lead to duplication in tasks and overpayment of positions.The fact that Middletown does not have a finance committee also stinks of misuse of funds.

  4. To anon poster 12:38,FYI. nobody was comparing Christie to Corzine !!! Was asking if he was as incapable as the current administration in Middletown Township….the mayor & co. who demonstrate no ability whatsoever to serve the population of this community. The BOE has done a good job and the taxpayer gets their dollars worth. It's why Middletown WAS considered a good place to live. The nonsense of the republican majority did not contribute anything to that recognition !!Bunch of political hacks serving themselves and their cronies !!

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