What The Heck Is Going On With The Lincroft Sports Complex?

What the heck is going on with the Lincroft Sports Complex? It sounds like some improprieties are taking place that needs to be looked into and addressed.

It seems as though the Director of Middeltown’s Parks and Recreation department, Greg Silva, met with members of the River Plaza/Lincroft Chargers Pop Warner team on Wednesday night and basically told the group that the town was moving ahead with the plans for West Front Street and inferred that Pop Warner will get everything they want and encouraged them to support the town’s efforts to move them from Trezza Field. He informed them that the plans for the site will be up on the Town’s website within the next couple of days, but that the new turf field project will be built at West Front Street Park and that the Chargers should get on board with it or in other words, take it or leave it because there will be no field improvements coming to their existing playing field.

If that wasn’t bad enough Silva went on to explain to them that he had a friend who is a contractor (Precise Construction) who could install the field at West Front Street. Allegedly Silva told the group that he has been keeping his friend informed of the bidding specs for the job so that he would have the advantage when both artificial turf fields for Croydon Hall and West Front Street are ready to be bid out.

I found out about all this from two sources, the first being a string of chat room entries left on the NJ.com Middletown Forum by an anonymous poster using the alias of Nofield4you and from another person who shall remain nameless, due to their position within the town and their affilation with Pop Warner and opposition group.

The second source collaborated much of what Nofield4you stated in his chat room entries which I have posted below, and few other pieces of information, some that I printed above and other information that I was asked to hold onto and not blog about just yet:

21681. Mayor pushes us
by Nofield4you, 2/24/10 23:51 ET
Why push us into supporting your plan, when we don’t want to move to west front street? Our plan by far is better for our program, saves taxpayer dollars and is not corrupt… Why have Greg Silvers Friend Precise Construction plan our future… Will they bid the project that Greg has given them the inside scoop? Guarantee the bid is protested and files charged against Greg and the township as soon as its posted and precise submits a bid…

21678. Hey Middletown mike
by Nofield4you, 2/24/10 23:39 ET
Guess what, we have the evidence you need to hang the mayor and other corrupt politicians in Middletown. FYI Greg Silver has a friend who is a contractor and potential bidder of the synthetic field, known as precise construction, guess what Greg has been talking to them all along the way and the bid specs have been made to their advantage… Want more, I got a mouth full of crap to hang several committee members who are ramming this down river plaza parents throats.

21677. Corydon Hall Field
by Nofield4you, 2/24/10 23:38 ET
Wow amazingly the wetland issue at croydon hall is worse then river plaza and the town committee refuses to allow turf at River plaza due to wetlands, unless the contractor is Greg silvers friend Precise construction… Hey Mayor I know the wetland boundaries and Croydon hall does not comply…

21676. River Plaza Field
by Nofield4you, 2/24/10 23:37 ET
Greg Silver has made it clear he has a friend known as Precise Construction who installs turf field and its either West front street or nothing for river plaza… Hey Greg, FYI the fun bunch will win as they did at HS north and you and your friend Precise will be out of the bid and probably in jail with the mayor. Go back to freehold where the grass is brown and natural you fat overpaid piece of crap

Now if what Nofield4you and my second collaborating source stated is true then I think Mr. Silva has a lot of explaining to do and he should do that explaining before others come knocking on his door to ask him about it.

Providing information to a contractor in order to boost their chances at winning a closed bidding process is not just unethical but a crime I believe.
Also the above leaves questions in the mind about the real intentions of the Mayor and Township Committee. It makes it seem that no matter what the opposition is to the West Front Street complex, the Town plans on pushing forward with the turf field complex whether or not residents in the area approve of it and runs contrary to what the Mayor has told them.


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4 responses to “What The Heck Is Going On With The Lincroft Sports Complex?

  1. This mayor has a talent for the unethical,is integrity challenged and demonstrates no qualms about breaking the law either.Nothing new for a man motivated only by politics and ego and not a genuine calling to public service.The MO is self service. Remember the revaluation and the Assessor as the fall guy? This time the fall guy is from Parks & Rec and is not smart enough to see he is being used or maybe he likes it.Does he feel important? Will be interesting……

  2. I keep on asking why the MTC is trying to ram this project in. It's just plain stupid and a waste of our tax dollars especially with our more than $5mm deficit. Fix up our existing fields. It's obvious we have maintenence issues with our sports fiels and what is Greg Silva doing about it? Is this turf field going to be the solution to all our field issues? I don't think so. The way we manage our finances we won't have the money to maintain the turf field. Wake up people!This is just a quick fix and doesn't belong at WFSP. Let Pop Warner stay at Charger field. That seems to be what they want.

  3. The MTC act like they don't care one bit about what they do to Lincroft. This is absurd project is going to come back to haunt them in Nov.

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