Workshop Meeting Tonight in Middletown Is One That’s Not To Be Missed

Middletown has a workshop meeting scheduled for tonight down at Town Hall and from all indications it’s not to be missed!

Accusations of improprieties have been flying around the issue of the proposed Lincroft Sports Complex that is scheduled to start construction sometime in April.

Has there been or hasn’t there been wetland studies that would prevent the upgrading of Trezza Field/Charger Field, the current home of the River Plaza/ Lincroft Chargers Pop Warner team? Has Freeholder John Curley, a resident at the Shadow Lake complex that borders Trezza Field/Charger Field, used his influence in someway to steer the sports complex away from his residence at Shadow Lake and over to the currently planned site of Lincroft’s West Front Street Park? Did Park and Recreation’s director Greg Silva tell members of the RP/L Chargers that he has a construction company all lined up that would have the new home of the Chargers ready to play on by August if the Chargers agreed to moved from their present location?

These questions and many more will be asked of members of the Township Committee tonight when members from the Pop Warner Chargers, Middletown Soccer Club and the citizens group SONIC flood the meeting room tonight.

The Workshop meeting starts at 8pm, but if you want a good seat I would suggest you get there early because prime seating locations fill up fast if the meeting is not moved to the court house.

If tonights meeting shapes up the way that I anticipate, it will beat anything that you could possible watch on T.V this evening!


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4 responses to “Workshop Meeting Tonight in Middletown Is One That’s Not To Be Missed

  1. Each group should also bring a lawyer and a psychiatrist to examine not only the actions and motives but the heads of this republican majority. Old Sharfy is going to get the kind of attention not beneficial in a run for re-election!!! HALLELLUYA !!!

  2. Mike, I appreciate all the effort you are putting into uncovering this issue. I can't attend tonight's meeting but I am looking forward to reading your report.

  3. I think the field should definitely get moved. If the couple houses that are complaining now, what about the neighborhood that Chargers is in? I think this is a great big lot and should be turned into Pop Warner- River Plaza Lincroft Chargers.

  4. The above writer obviously hasn't seen the WFS site. It's smaller than Nutswamp Park and sits on 2 busy county roads. More than 100 neighbors on all 4 sides of the park will be affected as well motorists using these roads.Soccer clubs and Pop Warner members agree; this is not the best site for a multi sport complex. Fix the fields for the soccer clubs and la cross. Put the turf at Charger Field which was what why the bond was issued.

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