Letter: The Republican Majority In Middletown Is Financially Irresponsible

The following letter was sent to me by Lincroft resident Barbara Thorpe who wishes to express her opinion on how irresponsible the Republican majority is when it comes to managing the Townships finances:

The Republican majority of Middletown’s Township Committee is financially irresponsible.. big time. They exhibit insensitivity to current economic conditions as they relentlessly pursue the installation of turf fields within the township which already has turf on each of it’s high school fields. Are the taxpayers now being obligated to providing turf in townships parks at the public expense during the most financially challenged times since the Great Depression ?

Middletown Township has more parks than Monmouth County and fails miserably in adequately maintaining any of them. Just what is done with the appropriations for Parks and Recreation? More than half goes to salaries and why is the town not realizing better service from the employees in that department. Is it attributable to poor management ? Please tell us,Greg Silva or Gerard Scharfenberger . Seems there are many questions that demand answers in this scenario. Also bond issues are indebtedness that must be repaid with interest over time so it’s not free money as the committee would like the public to believe.

This resident understands one consideration of the republicans..this is a re-election year for the current mayor and he desperately needs an issue to run on. Try financial responsibility. That’s an issue every resident can understand and wants. It has been lacking in this township for several years. I am referring to the Township finances,not the BOE finances for education.

The BOE in Middletown does one of the best jobs in this state with the tax dollars they are entrusted to manage. They achieve one of the lowest per student expense and one of the best quality of education ratings.

Barbara R.Thorpe


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10 responses to “Letter: The Republican Majority In Middletown Is Financially Irresponsible

  1. Funny how the dems are trying to make this a republican vs. democrat issue … and trying to frame the debate for political gain. I am not saying it would be right or wrong to build the turf fields at West Front Street park – but either way don't forget that Sean Byrnes also supported building the turf fields on this site – and is the one town committee member on the Parks and Rec Master Plan Steering Committee – which was the group in charge of putting forward this recommendation.Can't say that this is JUST republicans on the committee trying to ram rod this down the throats of the taxpayer when Byrnes too has been an advocate for building these turf fields in Middletown.

  2. Finally, someone is telling it like it is. We're broke, can't afford this project now. Fix our maintenence issues. Republicans start acting responsibly and pay down our debt.

  3. Anonymous,That is not exactly true!Other than myself, you do not hear anything coming from the Dems on this issue. It the position of the Dems to let this playout.Yes,Sean Byrnes voted for the WFS site, but stated at the time and since that he voted for the FIELD upgrades not the amenitites. No lights, PA system, ect… Byrnes has stated that when the plan for WFS was presented to and voted on by the Committee, it never included the amenities, they were tact on later.Tony Fiore is also on the P&K committee

  4. The taxpayer will be the loser in this issue as so often has been the case in the last couple of years. The majority rules and make no mistake about that . And this gang knows no restraint when it comes to money and spending . It is sufficient to say the failure to hire a CFO illustrates the arrogance of the MAJORITY and they refuse to recognize their lack of financial aptitude. Egos reign not common sense !It is wrong to consider this expense in the economic climate prevailing in this country or town today regardless of party affiliation !!!

  5. They just hired a CFO.

  6. That is a bit of a tease, can you name him?I did heard that an offer went out to someone last week but I was never given a name or if they had excepted.

  7. The interesting part will be if they hired a CFO will they be smart enough to take the advice that person is hired to provide….or will it be another attempt at control by the majority like with the last person to serve in the position.

  8. Yeah,REMEMBER to elect some one else besides these idiots.Not the time for turf fields. Tme to think about all the real problems in this township and turf fields are the last concern.FIX the flooding in the bayshore. Get those lazy asses in PARKS & REC doing what they are supposed to do…work to bring our facilities up to better standards.! The department head leaves plenty to be desired.

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