Audio: Vrable Solves Middletown’s Problem During Township Committee Meeting

By now everyone that is interested in or effected by the proposed sports complex in Lincroft that the township wants to build is familiar with the events that transpired during the Middletown Township Committee meeting on March 15, 2010.

You know that the meeting was loud, raucous and at times on the verge of being out of control if you were lucky enough to be there. If not, I have a series of audio clips from the night that I will be sharing over the next couple of day that will let everyone know exactly what they missed.

The audio clip that I have posted is of Lincroft resident Alan Vrable, who was speaking on the behalf of both the River Plaza/ Lincroft Chargers Pop Warner Football team and SONIC (Save Our Neighborhood’s Integrity & Character).

Vrable presented a detailed, engineered plan to the Township Committee that show beyond a reasonable doubt that Trezza Field ( the home of the Chargers) could in fact be resurfaced and expanded into a multi-purpose sports facility with little impact on the wetlands, that Township engineers have given as a reason why Trezza Field could not be upgraded in favor of West Front Street Park.

This is the first of 6 audio clips that I will be posting between now and the weekend from Monday nights meeting.

The other clips include comments from Sean Byrnes, Tony Fiore and Jim Cody questioning Pam Brightbill, which isn’t to be missed. It was classic!!


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5 responses to “Audio: Vrable Solves Middletown’s Problem During Township Committee Meeting

  1. During this clip a plea for "be respectful " is heard. When this mayor learns some respect for those he's supposed to represent and stops this outrageous, audacious political behavior….he'll get what he deserves. Time to "send him to the showers"…remember in November !

  2. That call for respect came from attorney Brian Nelson, who was sitting next to the mayor.He has a habbit of injecting himself into conversations when he is not being directly addressed.I think he feels he is the 6th committee member.

  3. The place for that attorney is at the table below the dais. Brian Nelson WAS NOT ELECTED to ANY position in this township.HE IS AN EMPLOYEE.If that table down front of the dais was good enough for Bernard Reilly all through the years,it is certainly good enough for Nelson !! Nelson has not earned the respect of this community EITHER!! Just another cronie with a big mouth. His conduct is arrogant!!

  4. Get rid of Silva. He is worthless and a shady character.

  5. That description is more far reaching then you can imagine!

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