What Did Tony Fiore Have To Say About Trezza Field?

Middletown Deputy Mayor Tony Fiore, was not able to attend the March 15,2010 Township Meeting but was able to participate via phone call from Orlando Florida while attending work related business.

His comments were made after the business portion of the meeting was finished, during the Committee comments portion of the meeting just before the floor was opened up to the public.

He agreed with much of what Committeeman Sean Byrnes had to say about COAH and the rezoning of the Avaya property in Lincroft then went on to address the concerns over Trezza Field.

At approximately 2:35 into the audio Fiore starts to address Resolution 10-121 (Resolution 10-121 was going to authorize CMX Engineering to finish design plans for the West Front Street sports complex and develop specs so that the project could go out for bid) and the reason why the Committee pulled if from of the agenda and did not vote on it.

At approximately 5:05 into the audio Fiore talks about how, if differences with the BOE can’t be worked out and if there was a possibility that some improvements could be done at Trezza Field then it could be done from the “…design from “OUR” engineers or the perspective of “OUR” professionals come through, we may have to go down that road…”

With that type of thinking in mind prior to Alan Vrable’s presentation and the many other people that spoke in opposition to the project, one would diffinately get the idea that no matter what plans or ideas residents came up with, Fiore and crew were not, could not or will not throw their professionals under the bus by stopping the work that would be going on at West Front Street.

But the question remains, what will the Township do about Trezza Field? Will they or wont they take the Chargers/Sonic design plan for Trezza Field seriously enough to stop sports complex from going forward at West Front Street and be redirected where it was orginally intended to be, at Trezza Field?

We should hear something soon.


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4 responses to “What Did Tony Fiore Have To Say About Trezza Field?

  1. How many on the committee promote soccer? I hear they made campaign promises to the soccer groups and most involved on the township committees and town appointed positions kids, close friends and relatives play soccer. hmmmm who has small kids on the township committee that play soccer..I hear it's Fiore and Masell and close friends of Brightbill. Self interest politicians. voters will remember. Also look at who is on the Recreation committee for the Master Rec plan, hmmmm now I see why the township is pushing for a new location that needs lights, electric, engineering fees , increasing the costs to the taxpayers. The location at the Charger Football field should be upgraded, all the lights, bathrooms concession stands are there. It will save taxpayers money. NO need to put it at West Front Street. I do not blame the residents & ball clubs for being upset.

  2. Those promises go way back. It was stated in the past that promises were made regarding the proposal on Midd-Linc. Road to a then candidate for the committee but in the end the residents defeated that location. Validity of the rumors,who knows. Not relevant anymore,but this surfaces again.And it will again until the residents in this town understand that these committee person serve US,we do not serve them.The most powerful weapon every resident in this town has is their vote. Use that vote wisely. IT IS LONG PAST TIME.Remember in November !!

  3. Boy are some Democrats great in Middletown for conspiracy theories. Who on the Township Committee has small children who play soccer? Massell has small children who don't play soccer. Fiore has a 2 year old who I doubt can play soccer and Brightbill's kids are both out of college. With such great research on your side it's no wonder why the last few elections have been blood baths in Middletown.

  4. Well Mr. Know-it-all,I'm glad that you know so much about our Republican committe people, its refreshing to have an informed anonymous commentor for a change.But for your information, Democrats in Middeltown do not promote conspiracy theories. I am sure that the previous anonymous was not a "democract" but some one who is bothered by the behavior of some of those on the township committee and may have connections to the Chargers or SONIC.

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