What Were They Saying Before The Decision To Cancel The Sports Complex

I went back to my archivist to see if he could grabbed me some audio clips of what everyone had to say about using the bonded funds for the artificial turf fields for other uses.

He sent me 5 clips of Township Attorney Brian Nelson,Township Administrator Tony Mercantante and Mayor Gerry Scharfenberger stating that the bond money has to be used for recreation or turf fields. These clips are from Committee meetings on February 1st, March 1st and March 15th .

Nelson and Mercantante address a person’s question concerning whether or not the bond for the turf fields could be appropriated for other use during the February 1st meeting.
Scharfenberger adds his two cents in the following three sound bites, the first two of which are from the March 1st Township Committee Workshop meeting where he is heard saying that the money for the turf fields could not be used for other projects but could be appropriated for a different facility. He later stated that the turf fields were part of Green Acres and there for needed to be discussed at an official public meeting that would be scheduled for the end of March.

The last clip is from the March 15th Township Committee meeting and is of Mayor Scharfenberger announcing that the resolution that would give the go ahead for CMX Engineering to finalize plans and proceed to mark up project bidding specifications for the sports complex at West Front Street was being pulled, but they were going to move ahead with the field at WFSP anyway just not with all the amenities.
Then all of a sudden at the informal March 23th Neighborhood Meeting at Croydon Hall, Gerry Scharfenberger announced that himself and those members of the Township Committee that were in attendance that evening came to a consensus decision to cancel the turf project all together due to concerns over state aid figures that he had just been informed of, and because of this the Township would recall the bond and return the money to the lender.
Using the decline in state aid as a cover story for cancelling the turf projects was just a convenient excuse on Scharfenberger’s end. Both he and Pam Brightbill, had been telling everyone for months prior to the meeting that the bonded funds for the turf fields had no impact on the budget and based on the article that appeared in the Independent, the Township knew a week earlier about the state aid cut, which they had been talking about for the past few Committee meetings anyway.
So will the audio shine anymore light onto the shady dealing that go on down at Town Hall? Not really, but they do give a little bit of insight into the thinking of for what and how the money that was bonded for the turf fields in 2006 could be used for even if it was contrary to the actual language of the bond ordinance.


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5 responses to “What Were They Saying Before The Decision To Cancel The Sports Complex

  1. When a web of deception and fabrication is woven,the weaver is often caught up in it's own web! Looks like there are several weavers of deception on audio on these clips.

  2. Send mayor sharfey a message vote him out.liars need not apply

  3. It appears that a good deal needs to happen in this town.Enough of the lies,deceit and a complete failure to consider every resident in every part of this community. Ever hear of the "peter principle?Well Sharfey has reached the pinnacle of his lack of competence,hasn't he ?No common sense displayed,none whatsoever.

  4. It's smple–It's about the people, not the committee's self-interest. Now they run Fioroe's soccer cronies for school board, it all begins to connect. How dare they think the public does not matter or is naive. Lesson to be learned, we care about our children over politics anyday! The public will unite regardless of party starting in Middletown. Our message will be loud and clear. Your political gain will not be at our children's expense! Now you try to infiltrate the Board of Education with you Soccer cronies. Do not underestimate the pubic, we are too smart for your poliitical agenda's. Scharfy is done, Fiore is done, and no-so bright bill has been done for a time now. THE public wins! Vote out the lying mayor!

  5. The people in this town smell a bad apple quickly don't they ? How about a couple of them ? Vote for integrity in the fall and that is not Sharfy !! Be damned with shadow government, political bosses as bond council(who do you think he represents?) and queenie on the Navesink !! Vote for integrity and experience for the school board also and that's not the mayor's slate !!! What a SHAM.

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