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Video: The Health Care Slime Machine

Last night’s Daily Show with Jon Stewart was another example of classic television as only Jon Stewart and company can make.

After returning from a weeks vacation Stewart wants to know who is really responsible for fanning the flames of violence over health care reform following the passage of the health care bill.

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Health Care Slime Machine
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N.J. Gov. Chris Christie’s approval rating drops 9 points after budget proposal

It looks like the Honeymoon is over for Chris Christie, according to a new Fairleigh Dickinson University PublicMind survey the governor’s popularity around the state has taken a 9% nose dive since the beginning of March when a similar poll found that Christie enjoyed a 52% job approval rating before making dramatic announcements of cuts to the state budget.

Better than two-thirds of Republicans approve of the job he’s doing, and independents approve by 49%-19%, while Democrats disapprove by 45%- 23%. The governor approval rating in non-public-employee households is 44%-28% but drops in public-employee households to 37%-49%.

“It’s a bad time to be governor of any state,” said Peter Woolley, a political scientist and director of the poll. “You’re damned if you cut the budget and damned if you raise taxes.”

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