Video: The Health Care Slime Machine

Last night’s Daily Show with Jon Stewart was another example of classic television as only Jon Stewart and company can make.

After returning from a weeks vacation Stewart wants to know who is really responsible for fanning the flames of violence over health care reform following the passage of the health care bill.

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Health Care Slime Machine
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2 responses to “Video: The Health Care Slime Machine

  1. The facts about the OBAMA "reform" that they do not want people to learn. **Causes 9 million people to lose the insurance they now have; **Increases the already bloated deficit by $260 billion over the next decade when all the components are included; **Adds $371 billion to the deficit by not including the Medicare physician fee schedule change, also known as the "Doc Fix" provision; **Raises taxes by $569 billion on small businesses and creates a new marriage penalty with new income and investment taxes; **Cuts Medicare by $523 billion; Increases premiums by 10% for people without employer-based insurance; **Expands the power of the IRS to enforce a government mandate that requires Americans to purchase government-approved insurance; and **After all the spending is done and the bill is fully implemented, 23 million people will still be uninsured in 2019.

  2. Cite a source, anonymous.

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