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New Jersey Reform Party (NJRP) Press Release Announces "Perot Legacy" Discussion At Matawan Public Library

I remember back in 1992 when Ross Perot launched his Independent campaign for the presidency calling attention to the federal deficit, national debt, term limits and campaign finance reform. That summer when Bill Clinton secured that Democratic nomination Perot was enjoying a slim lead in the opinions polls.

Then all hell broke lose when Perot dropped out of the race accusing the Republicans of trying to plot against him by planning to sabotage his daughters wedding.

When he eventually re-entered the presidential race later that fall it was to late, to many people had become disillusioned with Perot and he couldn’t overcome the label of “quitter”. he ended up with 19% of the vote that November which effective gave the race to Bill Clinton and left others to wonder what might have been if Perot had won.
Those that wondered what might have been if Perot had actually won the presidency eventually formed the “Reform Party”.
Since that time the Reform Party has had it’s ups and downs and has had its share of growing pains that nearly killed it, but through it all the party survived.
So earlier this week when I received a press release from the New Jersey Reform Party which announced that there would be a discussion at the Matawan Public Library to discuss the “Perot Legacy” and how through his efforts, the Reform Party was formed, I was intrigued and seriously thinking about attending:

For immediate release

For Further Information contact:
Jake Zychick
Website: http://www.reformparty.org
email: ReformPartyNJ@Gmail.com
cell phone: (201) 248-7525

Radio Personality Pat Benjamin to Discuss “Perot Legacy” at Matawan Library

The Reform Party of New Jersey is proud to present an afternoon with author and radio personality Pat Benjamin at the Matawan Library on April 10th, 2010 at 1:00pm. Benjamin is the host of WNJC Radio’s “The Independent Voice” and author of “The Perot Legacy.”

In 1992, feisty Texan billionaire H. Ross Perot’s independent presidential campaign inspired a generation of activists to challenge the two-party system. In 1996, he formed the Reform Party of the United States to champion fiscal responsibility. Author Pat Benjamin was onboard from the beginning, and her 2007 book documents Perot’s political revolution.

While Perot has since withdrawn from the political landscape, his message is as relevant today as it was a decade ago. The Reform Party has lived on, championing his cause of fiscal responsibility, political reform, and open politics, nominating candidates such as Eric Eidsness, Jesse Ventura, and Pat DiNizio.

As Ross Perot himself has said:

“In the 1990’s, my campaigns as an independent presidential candidate gave a voice to millions of Americans who had been left out of the partisan political process. These people wanted-and still want-to contribute to their country and make America better for their children and grandchildren. [“The Perot Legacy”] is their story.”

# # #

Pat Benjamin will appear at the Matawan Library (165 Main Street, Matawan, NJ) on April 10th, 2010 at 1:00pm. The afternoon will also include a screening of “Ross Perot: Straight Talk.”

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Letter: Is Middletown’s Mayor Attempting To Divert Bond Money Away From Sports Fields

The following letter was received in my email last night:

Middletown is engaged in a controversy over the installation of artificial turf fields, but the debate is indicative of a much larger issue with how our Township spends taxpayer dollars.

The Township took out a bond in 2006 to fund the turf fields, but the money has sat idle, accruing interest on repayment, because Middletown failed to reach consensus on where to locate the fields. During a number of Township Committee meetings, the Mayor, Administrator, and Township Attorney all emphatically stated that the bond could only be used for the rehabilitation of fields at Middletown parks. However, objections to this usage have recently intensified, prompting Mayor Gerry Scharfenberger to announce he would call off the field construction and divert the bond funds to pay for shortfalls in the Township budget. I have serious concerns about the Mayor’s new course of action.

First, the Mayor appears to be acting independently of the Township Committee. Our committee consists of five members, one of whom is selected as Mayor to lead public meetings and sign local legislation. Nowhere in Chapter 4, Article II of our Township Code, which outlines the duties of Mayor, does it give that person authority to make solitary decisions on funding. A vote of the full Committee is required.

My second concern is that the Mayor, Administrator, and Township Attorney have been lying to residents about the potential uses for the bond money. First, they insisted the money could only be used for the turf fields. Now, the Mayor wants to try and amend the ordinance so it can be used for other projects. If Mayor Scharfenberger has not been deliberately misleading us, he, at best, does not care enough to understand the rules on spending taxpayer dollars; at worst, he is incompetent.

Finally, I am concerned about using bond money to patch holes in Middletown’s budget due to shortfalls in state aid. A single bond will not fix the fiscal reality our township must face as a result of the national economic downturn. The Mayor must stop looking for quick, politically convenient, fixes and present to township residents a fiscally sound plan that does not place us further in debt. Perhaps it is time to stand up that Finance Committee that Committeeman Sean Byrnes keeps calling for. When will Middletown’s Mayor start to listen to the Committee, which represents all taxpayers, and stop acting alone?

Don Watson
New Monmouth NJ

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Monmouth & Ocean Counties for Councilman Ronald C. Rice and the Booker Team

I just returned from a reception in Spring Lake for Newark West Ward Councilman Ronald C. Rice. It was a nice affair, attended by about 50 people at the Spring Lake Manor. I got there just before 6:30 as the room began to fill and had the pleasure to be introduced to Councilman Rice before to many others came by.

The event was hosted by Ms. Sandra Salter, Ms. Stacy Lubrecht, Red Bank Councilwoman Juanita Lewis, Red Bank Councilman Edward Zipprich, Mr. John Amberg & Lacey Township Democratic Party Chairman Barry Bendar.

It was announced that just prior to arriving at the Spring Lake Manor, Councilman Rice sat down with Monmouth County Chairman Victor Scurdiery to discuss possible plans for a partnership between Councilman Rice, Newark Mayor Cory Booker and Monmouth County Democrats which would possibly have them work together and campaign over the coming months in places like Asbury Park, Neptune and Long Branch in order to help get out the democratic vote come November.

It was my first time meeting Councilman Rice and I hope that it wont be my last, he was warm, courteous and engaging, very down to earth and seemed to be at ease.

He talked about how Newark has been changing over the past few years under the leadership of Mayor Cory Booker, about how parks and neighborhoods all through out the city have been revitalized and how under the leadership of Cory Booker the crime rate has fallen. Newark has gone some 44 days since its last recorded murder which has been the longest period since 1966.

Councilman Rice spoke of how he first met Barack Obama before he was President and how impressed he was with him, he said that he was the first elected official in NJ to officially endorse him.

Many in the room expect great things from Councilman Rice in the future, some were saying that he is next in line to succeed Cory Booker as Mayor of Newark while others expect him to make the move to Washington as a US Congressman or possibly as US Senator one day.

This having been my first time meeting Councilman Rice, I wont go that far by predicting such greatness for him but he did impress me and I wouldn’t be surprised if someday Ronald Rice found himself somewhere other than on the Newark City Council, either as Mayor or in some other higher elected office.

Here are a few pictures:

(Newark West Ward Councilman Ronald C. Rice)

(Councilman Ronald C.Rice with Redbank Council Reps Juanita Lewis and Ed Zipprich)

(myself and Newark West Ward Councilman Ronald C. Rice)

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