Letter: Unheeded Suggestions And Mismanagement Lead To Inefficiencies And Layoffs

Middletown is once again showing its true colors of mismanagement with the layoffs of approximately 40 employees. Layoffs might be required, but the employee making the least amount should not be the first to go.

Recently, Middletown hired a supervisor to oversee crossing guards. Why is this position required when the town has had crossing guards for years? This is just one example of the bloated government that taxpayers are footing the bill for.

There are many other cost saving measures that could take place, which might result in layoffs, but will make the town more efficient. Committeeman Sean Byrnes has presented quite a few suggestions at numerous meetings that consistently go unheeded by the rest of the Committee. Some of these are requiring engineering firms to bid on each capital project the town enters into, consolidate the maintenance operations between DPW and Parks & Recreation, if not with BOE also and consolidating the Sewer Authority into Public Works Dept., thus eliminating duplication of legal and engineering services.

Middletown has a fantastic library system that provides many services that could be provided by the Arts Center. These services are so intertwined in purpose that Byrnes has suggested that the Library and Arts Center be combined. This would offset the high costs of keeping the Arts Center open. Mr. Byrnes even suggested that revenue could be generated by conducting a daycare facility there for commuters.

There are many suggestions that are going unheeded and randomly reducing employees from all departments is certainly not an efficient means of balancing a budget.

Marilyn Tuohy
Pt. Monmouth


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5 responses to “Letter: Unheeded Suggestions And Mismanagement Lead To Inefficiencies And Layoffs

  1. Byrnes does make some good points. But the mentality of the currrent Committee is if a democrat suggests it, or donated to it, It is no good. THAT must change. We need both parties working together,the current Mayor has proven his prejudices, and it is going against the best interest of the community.

  2. I agree completely about the need for more fiscally conservative management in town. How sad for the 4 GOP members that the only fiscal conservative on the Township Committee is Democrat Sean Byrnes.This is off-topic but is there any word on Judith Stanley's condition? Is she back at work on the Planning Board?

  3. I haven't heard anything more about Judith Stanely and I am not sure if she is back on the job yet.If she was I think we would have heard about it by now.

  4. Just to let you know, we who work at the township are furious about how they are handling the 40 layoffs. None of us know who it is going to be, when we'll find out of it is us or not, or even when the actual layoff date will be! It's rediculous! Also, I agree 100% that the person to go should NOT be the least paid. There is always a workier in middle management who makes 10 or 20K more than the lowest paid, who also tends to either not put as much effort into their work, somehow take advantage of the system/have a poor personel record, and give less of damn about actual productivity than the lower paid counter parts. The fact, though, that the staff members are being kept completely in the dark, unable to plan for what *might be* an unemployment situation, as we head into the summer months where some of us have already booked travel-based family vacations, is just HORRIBLE. I don't mean to sound like a "spoiled government worker", after all I have a pension and full benefits that I only pay part of, but I do not make nearly the amount I could if I were to work in the private sector (and I pay taxes just like everyone else), but, I chose stability & benefits for less $, rather than private sector job-insecurity and crazy hours… and THAT might be getting YANKED away from me. Talk about STRESS!

  5. I've been told that the Township has identified those that will be laid off and that it is a puzzle as to why Mercantante and group will not release the names.It seems that Scarify wishes to keep the names secrete for as long as possible to give the impression that HE is doing everything possible to avoid layoffs.He's a joke and he shouldn't be playing politics with your jobs.

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