Middletown Seeks Public Comments On School Budget

The Middletown Township Committee lead by Mayor Scharfenberger, seems to have no clue on how to address the defeated school budget after two meetings with members of the Board of Education. Rumor has it that the Township Committee is leaning towards the recommendation that an additional $1M be cut from it.

After stating at last Monday nights workshop meeting that they have no intention on holding public hearings on the matter, which runs contrary to what Middletown School Superintendent Karen Bilbao stated, there now appears on the Township website a link that is asking members of the public for comments on how they should handle the school budget.

That’s pretty rich after all the blustering Scharfenberger has been doing on the subject.

After all, they can’t figure out what to do about the town budget, let alone the school budget but at least the school budget is for the coming year, the Township budget year is almost half over with and we still have no budget.

Maybe Scharfenberger and crew should post a link to the website asking residents for suggestions on the township budget next.

I encourage you all to submit your comments to let them know what to do about our children’s educational dollars. You can find the form at:


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