It’s your Town Newsletter Volumn 2, Issue 10 For 5/17/10; Resolution 10-151 Outlining Defeated School Board Budget Cuts Included

The latest edition of It’s Your Town Hall Newsletter is >>> Here.

In this edition the township bill list for the month is includes which makes the newsletter rather long. Also included are ordinances and resolutions that were voted on during the May 17th 2010, Middletown Township Committee meeting. These are at the end of the newsletter and can be reached using the links provided. The links are underlined in blue. There are links in the resolutions to bring you back to where you were originally.
Perhaps the most controversial resolution of the year, Resolution 10-151, which instructs the Middletown Board of Education to cut an additional $2.1M from its previously defeated school budget is also included. You can read what members of the Township Committee had to say about this resolution when it was introduced and voted on, as well as comments from members of the public that expressed concerns over the size and necessity of the additional spending cuts imposed.

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It is important for everyone to know how our local government is being run and most of all, how our tax dollars are being managed.
Correction – At the top of page 2 of It’s Your Town Newsletter the statement attributed to Deputy Mayor/Committeeman Tony Fiore is not accurate, it should read as follows:

“Committee looked very hard and tried not to cut that which would impact the children.”

“Committee looked very hard and tried not to cut that which did not impact the children.”

It was pointed out to me that a double negative was used in the sentences which
altered the meaning of what was said at the meeting. Sorry if there was any confusion.

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