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With No Advance Notice, Gov. Christie Visits Holmdel’s Village School

It must have been quiet a surprise for the teachers as well as the students at Holmdel’s Village school earlier today when Gov. Christie showed up unannounce to read a book to Mrs. Klinger-Rossi’s 3rd grade class according to a press release that was issued by Holmdel’s School Superintendent Barbara Duncan.

No word as of yet what book the Governor read to students but I would bet that it wasn’t “My Pet Goat”:

June 8, 2010

Today, June 8, 2010 Governor Christie paid a surprise visit to a very lucky 3rd grade class at Village School. After reading a story to the class the students were given an opportunity to ask the Governor questions. Below is a sample of questions they asked:

They asked the Governor what was the coolest part of his job, and Governor Christie responded, “having dinner at the White House with the President and Mrs. Obama and all of the other governors in the nation.” One student asked what his major goal was and he responded, “to have everyone in New Jersey have a job.”

They asked about what was the hardest part of his job and he said that it was telling people, “No.” One student asked what it was like when he first became governor. Governor Christie explained that he went into his office and didn’t know what he was supposed to do and no one would come and visit him because they were too afraid to enter his office. One student asked what the best part of being governor is and he said, “visiting students in schools.” He also likes to let students into his office when they are on tours of the State house where his office is in Trenton on the Delaware River.

Mrs. Duncan, Superintendent of Holmdel schools asked the last question before the Governor posed for pictures with the class. She asked Governor Christie why reading is so important to him that he would spend his time visiting us and reading a book to our 3rd grade class? The Governor answered her by saying, that reading has always been very important to him and he encourages his children and all children to be avid readers. Mrs. Klinger-Rossi and her class then presented Governor Christie with a certificate for excellence in reading!

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Groups offer prayer for the environment in the wake of BP calamity

A friend sent me the following post from the NEW YORK THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY blog. It’s about a group of people that gathered on the beach to pray that Northwest Florida be spared from the oil spill lurking in the Gulf of Mexico.

I thought it relevent and worthwhile to post considering that while BP has started to recover some of the oil being released by it’s deep water well, it hasn’t contained it all. More and more oil each minute is being spilled into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and see that man has not been able to stop it fully as yet maybe a little bit of divine intervention is not such a bad thing to pray for.

“Well before some other groups began praying for the environmental catastrophe surrounding the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, there was this group (which posted its video on May 8th).

Since then, groups around the country have joined together to offer prayer for an the end to that oil leak, and for relief to the communities, residents and wildlife that call the Gulf of Mexico home.”

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