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Poll: 26% Of U.S. Clueless On Who We Declared Independence From

I suppose ignorance is bliss, but leading into the 4th of July holiday weekend you would think even the most ignorant amongst us would know from what country the United States gained it’s Independence from. I bet it wouldn’t be hard to guess from who’s base the 26% belong to;

TPM LiveWire

Pop quiz: Who was emperor when the United States declared independence from China?

Give up?

Perhaps you should ask one of the Americans who, when asked what country the U.S. separated from, named France, Japan, Mexico, Spain or, yes, China.

A new Marist poll shows that 26% of people in this country don’t know that the U.S. declared its independence from Great Britain. That includes 20% who aren’t sure — and another 6% who think it was another country.

Looking at the numbers more deeply, it appears the closer to 1776 you were born, the more likely you are to know the correct answer. So enjoy the July 4th holiday, everyone, and don’t forget to be thankful that we’re out from under the yoke of our Mexican colonial oppressors.

Hat tip to Mario DeStefano

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For Release: Immediate
Friday, July 02, 2010

TRENTON – In remarks during the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee meeting today, Senator Anthony Bucco, R-Morris, indicated support for a deliberative process in studying and advancing property tax reform for New Jersey residents. Senator Bucco’s remarks bring him in line with Senate Democrats who believe that we have to study the issue carefully instead of enacting hasty reform:

If you review the archived audio footage on the New Jersey Legislature’s Web page (http://www.njleg.state.nj.us), Senator Bucco made the following remarks at about 8 minutes, 43 seconds in:

“I think there is room for negotiations into how we implement the cap, whether we eliminate some of the things or add onto some of the things that are being proposed. I think that’s what this Budget Committee is going to be about all summer…”

Also, at the end of the hearing, Senator Bucco made the following remarks, at around 1 hour, 9 minutes and 41 seconds in:

“We passed the bill for 2.9, the Senate President’s compromise bill that he had put in, and we know that the Governor is going to CV that, and I think that the sooner we can come to an understanding and a bill that we can support with the CV, I think this is very important.

“Again, it’s not going to help this year, but the sooner we do it, I think the better off all of us will be in making sure that we move forward with the other proposals.”

Senate President Stephen M. Sweeney, D-Gloucester, Cumberland and Salem, made the following statement upon reviewing Senator Bucco’s remarks:

“We appreciate Senator Bucco’s admission that there is no need to rush a very important, and very necessary, property tax reform package which could have unintended consequences. We look forward to a deliberative, thorough vetting of all the issues, and a property tax plan which will make New Jersey affordable beginning in the next tax year.”

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"Since when did Massachusetts being ‘whiter’ than New Jersey matter in the discussion of a 2.5 percent property tax cap?…"

That was the question asked by Assemblywoman L.Grace Spencer (D-Essex) when she heard a comment by Department of Community Affairs Commissioner Lori Grifa during today’s special session of the State Legislature to discuss property taxes.

Spencer issued a press release short after hearing the remarks which stated “Since when did Massachusetts being ‘whiter’ than New Jersey matter in the discussion of a 2.5 percent property tax cap? Ask Department of Community Affairs Lori Grifa for an answer. Because I have no idea what the relevance could possibly be.

“A property tax cap is being considered for the benefit of all property taxpayers in New Jersey, regardless of whether they’re black or white. For Commissioner Grifa to interject race in this discussion was inappropriate and unnecessary, and shows a lack of understanding of the issues at hand.”

You can read more about it >>>Here

The answer to the above question happens to be “it doesn’t”, but it just goes to show you that some people will say anything in order to tow the company line!

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Senator Menendez Hails Launch of New Health Care Website

Are you still confused about the new health care legislation? If you think back to last summer we were hearing from those that vehemently opposed health care reform to the extant that they would show up at town hall meetings just to disrupt it and prevent our Congressmen from explaining what it contained.

Now that it has passed many still do not understand what it means to them. Senator Menendez has informed us that there is a website that you can go to for answers to your questions or just find out what it is all about.
The following is from Senator Menendez’s E-Newsletter:

At the heart of health insurance reform law is the idea that families who for too long have paid too much for inadequate health insurance deserve set of new rights, based on common sense principles. One of those common sense ideas is that families should not have to navigate a confusing and unorganized health insurance system to understand all of the insurance options and rights available to them, they deserve to be able to find out about all of their options and rights in one, easy-to-navigate place.

For that reason, today marks an important milestone in the enactment of the Health Insurance Reform Law. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has unveiled HealthCare.gov, an innovative new on-line tool, created under the Health Insurance Reform Law, that connects families with new state-specific information and resources, helping them take control of their health insurance situation and gain access to quality, affordable coverage. This website has been setup to answer all of your questions about the law and how it impacts your family. In addition it is the first website to provide consumers with local public and private health coverage options tailored specifically for their needs in a single, easy-to-use tool. As a proud supporter of this legislation I am thrilled to see that such an easy to use website has been developed to help educate New Jerseyans on this new law and their local health care options.

For additional information about the Health Insurance Reform Law I encourage you to visit my website and click here. I have set up this page up to be clearinghouse of information on the law so please continue to check it regularly as I will be posting new information to this page as it becomes available.

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It’s Your Town Newsletter Volumn 2, Issue 13, 6/21/10: The Regularly Scheduled Meeting

As everyone now knows there were two scheduled Township Committee meetings on the night of June 21, 2010. The first meeting held was at 7pm and was for the introduction of the proposed Middletown Municipal budget. The second meeting that night was the regularly scheduled business meeting for the month.

You can read the latest newsletter >>>Here

The Committee passed a new recycling ordinance, ordinance 2010-3006, which now will require residents to separate corrugated cardboard and chip board (cereal boxes and the like).
There are links within the news letter that will jump readers to the referenced resolution or
ordinance. At the end of each is an underlined word which will jump you back to where you were. For the bill list, the link back is the page number, which can be found in the top right corner of the page.

This newsletter is rather extensive and all of the resolution and ordinances can be referenced
on the Township website, in the Clerk’s Corner.

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Letter: Fooling the People

There’s an old adage: You can fool some of the people some of the time and you can fool some people all of the time but you can’t fool ALL of the people All of the time!

The man who serves as mayor of Middletown this year (elected by four votes,one his own) has far more pressing responsibilities than photo ops considering the financial mismanagement of the township budget. The municipal financial crisis remains unresolved six months into the budget year and the budget will be presented in July to the taxpayers.

Just another error in judgement by Gerard Scharfenberger. The public is well aware this man faces the voters in November. Too bad his priorities are again misplaced as they were when he proposed artificial turf fields during the current deep country wide recession with a near 10 percent unemployment rate. Seems campaign endeavors are more important than resolving the township’s huge budget deficit and the ridiculous over 13 percent increase in the tax burden to support the proposed municipal budget.

Now that ” picture” leaves plenty to be desired by your residents,”Mr. mayor” !!

Barbara R. Thorpe

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