Letter: Middletown’s mayor proposes unconstitutional resolution instead of worrying about the budget

Middletown Mayor Gerald Scharfenberger is preoccupied with everything but the 13 percent tax increase, introduced in June, to be voted on July 19.

Instead of working to reduce this tax burden on the homeowners, he is focusing his attention on supporting legislation to prevent unions from contributing to political groups.

Scharfenberger should know that legislation such as this was recently brought before the U.S. Supreme Court. The court ruled that government may not ban political spending by corporations and other advocacy groups, such as labor unions.

The mayor should use his time to support the taxpayers of Middletown by trying to reduce the tax burden. The increase this year is the result of the many years of mismanagement by the leaders of this town.

Marilyn Tuohy


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2 responses to “Letter: Middletown’s mayor proposes unconstitutional resolution instead of worrying about the budget

  1. This mayor has no respect for the law… period. A petty little man who fails to recognize that everyone has rights. No wonder he has a lawyer at his elbow constantly!!Every move he makes is for political reasons regardless of who he tramples on.Is this what the people,all of the people,want governing here.It won't be hard finding better than Gerry,that's for sure!!The issue is the township budget not resolutions in direct contradiction to recent Supreme Court decisions. Pretty damn hard to muster any respect for this incompetence!

  2. How does this Mayor get away with this nonsense. No accountabilty or responsibility.The residents don't care about these meaningless resolutions.Just another example of a Mayor who is out of touch with the needs of the communtiy.

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