Jon Stewart Video: Deductible Me

Another spot on commentary from Jon Stewart last night you just have to watch.

“Republicans don’t realize that extending the Bush tax cuts will strengthen the deficit monster that’s going to eat our babies”

From the Huffington Post

Last night on “The Daily Show” Jon Stewart took on Republicans for their dramatic words about the deficit and simultaneous defense of the Bush tax cuts. While conservative pundits refer to the deficit as “crushing” and dangerous to our “children and grandchildren,” Stewart worried that the GOP doesn’t understand what’s causing the deficit they fear so much in the first place. “Do they not realize that the tax cuts strengthen the deficit monster that’s going to eat our babies?”….

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One response to “Jon Stewart Video: Deductible Me

  1. Thanks Mike, That was quite entertaining. Nice to know most 18-30 year olds get their news from him rather than Fox. There is hope for the younger generation!Stewart may lean liberal but does point out the ridiculous on both sides of the aisle.There just happens to be more absurdity from the right.Interestingly there are no conservative comedy show out there unless you count Glen Beck.

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