>Local Finance Board Meets With Middletown; Special Budget Meeting Tentatively Scheduled For Monday

>Yesterday August 26th, Middletown appeared in front of the Department of Community Affairs Local Finance Board, seeking a tax levy wavier which would allow the Township to exceed the State mandated 4% cap on local property taxes.

It has been well reported and is no secret that Middletown’s 2010 proposed budget seeks to increase the local tax burden by nearly 14% (13.87% to be exact), which would be 9.87% above the cap threshold.

How well did Middletown do in the efforts to convince the LFB to allow them to exceed the cap? It’s not exactly known just yet because the Township is keeping a tight lid on the results, not even giving advance word to some committee members, waiting instead for to inform them once they receive their advance “packet” today, for a tentatively scheduled Monday night in which the budget for 2010 will be announced and possibly adopted.

Whatever the outcome was between Middletown and the LFB, it is a good bet that the proposed 13.87% increase was not approved and that big budget cuts are looming.

As a result, don’t be surprised if Gerry Scharfenberger and those in the majority spin the outcome of this meeting by saying that they anticipated the results and had a budget ready in advance to present, making it seem as if the the meeting with the LFB was just a formality like last years budget. Last years budget contained a proposed 12% increase and was cut down 6.2% by the LFB for a increase of some 5.8% to the municipal tax rate.

When more details become available I’ll pass them along, until now we need to wait until Monday night’s meeting to see what residents are in for when they open their 4th quarter tax bills.


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3 responses to “>Local Finance Board Meets With Middletown; Special Budget Meeting Tentatively Scheduled For Monday

  1. >The "SPIN" begins…just wait for the nonsense from this bunch of pretentious,insolent characters.SPIN, SHARFEY,SPIN…. Give the man a fin for his acting performance…..

  2. >This is posted on the Township website:Agendas August 30, 2010 Special Meeting Notice is hereby given that an “Open Public Meeting” of the Township Committee of the Township of Middletown is hereby scheduled for:Date: Monday, August 30, 2010Time 6:00 PM Budget MeetingPlace: Middletown Town HallConference RoomOne Kings HighwayMiddletown, NJ 07748KNOWN ACTION ITEMS:Introduction of Amendment to the 2010 Municipal Budget (Public Hearing to be held September 7, 2010 at a Regularly Scheduled Workshop Meeting)These items are subject to change, information will be updated on our website.

  3. >Thank You Anon 9:45I have been waiting for the conformation of the meeting to show up on the Township website. It wasn't there earlier when i checked.

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