>It’s Your Town Newsletter Volumn 2, Issue 18, 8/30/10; Special Budget Meeting

This edition of It’s Your Town Newsletter covers the special budget meeting of the Middletown Township NJ Committee that was held on August 30th 2010 during the power outage. The purpose of this meeing was to introduce amendments to the Township’s 2010 budget so that it can be finally voted on at the next township meeting on September 7th 2010 .

This years budget will include an 11.8% increase in the amount raised by propery taxes to support our town. You can read the details in the newsletter >>>> Here

In case you were wondering why the meeting took place during a power outage when thousands of people were throughout Monmouth County and Middletown were stuck and unable to drive around, the Township has generators to power Town Hall so police and emergency personnel can still function. So there was no need on the Township’s part to postpone the meeting.

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One response to “>It’s Your Town Newsletter Volumn 2, Issue 18, 8/30/10; Special Budget Meeting

  1. >No need to postpone the meeting??? How about the people of this township? Who do these three republicans represent anyway?? The radio warned not to drive unless necessary as traffic signals were out all over the county and NO ONE IN TOWN HALL would give any info on whether the meeting would take place….not even emergency management. BULL S….Exactly what the letter you posted, Mike, said about these republican TCcommittee persons representing the party not the people !!Has been the case for years and will be that way until the people wake up,rise up and show these four characters the DOOR !! Middletown will be a much better place to live when Sharfey is no longer part of local government !! No scruples,that's the problem .

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