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>NJ Ranked #5 on "Pain Index"

>Here’s an interesting tidbit of information, according to US News & World Reports NJ ranks fifth in the overall “Pain Idex” – The combined effect of higher taxes and fewer services that directly affects Americans’ quality of life – Which States are worse off than NJ? Alaska, California,Wyoming and Rhode Island.

The one thing to remember while reading is that while things here in New Jersey aren’t so great it could be worse.

Read the companion article titled “Where Taxes Are Up, Services Down” >>> Here

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>Saturday Morning Cartoons: Bear on a Picnic

>While enjoying your Labor Day picnics this weekend remember – “Don’t feed the bears!”

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>President Obama’s Weekly Address 9/4/10: Honoring the American Worker

>The President talks about his fight to make America work for the middle class and make sure hard work is rewarded — rather than greed and recklessness .


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