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>Holt Campaign Video : Dream

>Congressman Rush Holt yesterday released his first campaign video of the year. It attacks his opponent Scott Sipprelle for being a Wall Street insider who favors tax cuts for the rich while opposing the minimum wage and equal pay for women.

It’s a good first effort on the part of the Holt campaign,sutle yet hard hitting. It matches Rush’s style to a tee.

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>It Was Grenafege Vs. Scharfenberger In A Heated Exchange During Budget Meeting

>One of the more lively exchanges that took place during Tuesday night’s budget adoption meeting in Middletown, was the heated words that flew around the court house between resident Jim Grenafege and mayor Scharfenberger.

There has been bad-blood between the two that dates back to 2008 when Jim Grenafege ran on the Democratic ticket for a seat on the Middletown Township Committee.

Durning that campaign Scharfenberger, who is a part-time adjunct professor at Monmouth Univeristy, was caught using the Monmouth University’s email system to send out false and misleading campaign information about Grenafege and his running mate to Republicans and their supporters in Middletown.

Scharfenberger’s ethical lapse nearly cost Monmouth University its IRS tax exempt status and was in clear violation of Monmouth University’s Guidelines for Political Activity.

To this day it isn’t exactly clear what disciplinary actions, if any, Monmouth University took against Scharfenberger. And since this time, whenever Jim Grenafege stands in front of the Township Committee to address a concern that troubles him mayor Scharfenberger usually looks away and ignores him, that was until Tuesday night.
Dustin Racippio from the website RedBankGreen.com caught the exchange and wrote about in his column:
“…Frustration mounted when resident Jim Grenafage, a meeting regular, criticized the committee for lacking transparency — a common complaint at the meeting — and accused it of withholding information from committeeman Sean Byrnes, the body’s lone Democrat.

Scharfenberger, clearly chafed by the “heavy accusation,” uncharacteristically let his frustration show, and got into a back-and-forth of raised voices and finger pointing with Grenafage.

“There’s much more of an effort to keep things opaque than to bring transparency to the town,” Grenafage said….”

If you would like to listen to it for yourself I have the audio posted below. I hope to have an expanded sound bite soon of the exchange because much of what is not captured in this piece of audio was very insightful and at some point should be looked into.



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>Middletown Passes $64.6 Million Budget Supported by 13.4% Tax Increase

>All you need to know about Tuesday night’s Middletown Township Committee Special Budget Adoption Meeting is that the $64.6M, 2010 Municipal Budget, with its 13.4% tax hike, was adopted by a 4-1 vote. The lone dissenting vote was place by Democratic Committeeman Sean Byrnes.

Here are the simple facts as presented by the Asbury Park Press:

“…The Township Committee adopted Tuesday a $64.6 million municipal budget for 2010 that requires the average homeowner to pay an additional $207.

The $64,574,697 spending plan is $2,768,979, or 4.5 percent, higher than last year’s budget. The amount to be raised by taxes is $45,349,478, up $5,348,365, or 13.4 percent, from the 2009 tax levy….

…The municipal tax rate jumps from 35 cents per $100 of assessed value to 39.75 cents, up 13.6 percent. The average property owner with a home assessed at $435,000 will pay $1,729, up nearly $207, or 13.6 percent, to support the municipal portion of the tax bill….”

I would like to hear from all of those Middletown Republicans that support this budget. It will be interesting to hear how they spin this one.

You can read the whole article as written by Nina Rizzo >>> Here


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