>Smoke and Mirrors: Scharfenberger To Pledge Support For Property Reassessments To Deflect Anger Away From 12% Tax Incease

Can you believe this one? In a soon to be released press statement, Middletown’s acting mayor Gerry Scharfenberger, will announce his plan to support a town wide property tax reassessment.

It seems that Scharfy and crew have decided that they can’t wait for their usual October surprise. The need to turn the tide on their ill-conceived budget, that has risen the local tax rate by 12% and angered a large majority of residents, has them running scared and desperate for votes.

How much do you think a new Town wide property reassessment will cost, especially after the botched revaluations cost the Township a couple of $ million to complete in the first place?

And really, does Scharfenberger and his buddies think that a reassessment will have a positive effect on the average homeowner? Middletown still needs to collect $45 million worth of taxes from residents to support the budget. The reassessment may lower the overall assessed value of ones home and make it seem as though the average homeowner will get a break, but in actuality the assessed tax rate will climb to offset the decrease in revenues from the lower home assessments.

The assessed tax rate now stands at $0.3975 per $100 of assessed value. That rate will increase as home values are reassessed lower by the township, it will have the same effect on both the School and County portions of the tax bills as well.

Essentially therefore Scharfenberger’s plan is nothing more than a smoke and mirror parlor trick or a game of Three Card Monty, to divert voters anger away from the 12% municipal tax rate increase.

I’ll post the press release as soon as it is available.


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2 responses to “>Smoke and Mirrors: Scharfenberger To Pledge Support For Property Reassessments To Deflect Anger Away From 12% Tax Incease

  1. >Middletown will be a MUCH BETTER PLACE TO LIVE WHEN GERARD SCHARFENBERGER NO LONGER SERVES IN LOCAL GOVERNMENT HERE !!Maybe Middletown will then be restored to #50 on Money's List about which Scharfey (who never contributed in any way in the first place) is always crowing about.Deceitful,disgusting politician who has trouble telling the real truth and nothing but the truth !!

  2. >You said it right. Another attempt at smoke and mirrors for a desperate Scharfenberger. This last ditch effort to pull a rabbit out of his hat is pathetic. We're all wise to the double talk and lies he and his party faithful have been spewing.My advise: bow out gracefully.

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