>While I’m At It, Here’s Another Letter From the APP: Who can afford to live in Middletown?

>Since I seem to be reprinting letters to the editor, I might as well add one more.

This letter was written by Bonnie Lynn Isaksen and was printed in Monday’s on-line addition of the Asbury Park Press.
I find it interesting because there seems to be a growing frustration building up in residents over their local tax bills.
For those paying attention, Middletown adopted it’s 2010 budget which included a 12% municipal tax increase on September 7th. The municipal portion of the property tax bill that residents need to fork over to Town Hall has risen from $0.35 to $0.3975 per $100 assessed value:

It’s a nightmare. Middletown taxes have gone higher, there are no homestead rebates this year and no tax credits until next year.

People will be moving out of Middletown. Who can afford to live there anymore? With the new budget 4.5 percent higher than last year, this puts a strain on all its residents. Expecting more foreclosures in Middletown? You bet.

Middletown should send out “pack your bags and get out” notices along with the new, higher tax bills.

Bonnie Lynn Isaksen


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