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>Sarah Palin’s Top 10 Tea Party Mamma Grizzlies



D.C. Douglas Releases New Video Highlighting Sarah Palin’s Top 10 Tea Party Mamma Grizzlies

Los Angeles, CA September 21, 2010

D.C. Douglas, a veteran character actor and voice over artist, has produced another in a series of comedic political videos. “Sarah Palin’s Top 10 Tea Party Mamma Grizzlies” is a 4 minute voter’s guide to Sarah Palin’s mid-term Tea Party congress candidate picks.

“I find it best to put all your crazy tea bags into one pot so you can get a real taste of Sarah Palin’s political acumen,” says Mr. Douglas.

Mr. Douglas was thrust into the spotlight in April of this year when a tea party group, FreedomWorks, posted his private voicemail on an Andrew Breitbart website and called for his dismissal from performing voice over work on a new GEICO campaign. A month later, Mr. Douglas struck back with a Tea Party PSA that went viral and inspired thousands of people to look at FreedomWorks differently.

Since then, Mr. Douglas has released How To Comment On YouTube Videos (a cartoon mocking the responses to his first video), Matt Kibbe Pitches Dick (a mock ad for Dick Armey’s new book), and Burn A Quran Day, a controversial mock ad which also went viral last week.

You can learn more about D.C. Douglas at http://www.DCDouglas.com.


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