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>How Tax Brackets Work

>The following blog post was written by Dave Johnson over at the website Campaign for America’s Future and it explains in very simple details how tax brackets work. So don’t fall for all the rhetoric surrounding the issue of whether to allow the Bush tax cuts to expire before you understand how tax brackets actually work. There is a lot of miss-information out there specifically designed to mislead the American public into believing the if the tax cuts were to expire, many would be burdened beyond their means which is simply not true:

This discussion of whether to get rid of the Bush tax cuts for the rich has been a learning experience. I have been listening on the radio and reading the comments at blogs. The main thing I am concluding is that people just do not understand how tax brackets work.

When people talk about raising taxes on people “who make more than” a certain income they really mean that they are going to raise it ONLY on the income that comes in after a certain income is received, not on the person’t entire income.

Here is what I mean. Suppose they say they are going to raise taxes on incomes above $250K. People seem to think that this means if you earn $250K plus a dollar, that you owe an additional tax on the entire $250K. This is not correct. I actually hear stories about people who give away money, and do other things to avoid going “into a higher bracket” because they think they have to pay additional taxes on their entire earnings.

Here is how it really works. What happens is that the first $250K is taxed just like it has been, but anything that is made over $250K — and only the amount over $250K — is then taxed at the higher rate. The tax on the amount below $250K is not changed.

Example: Suppose the tax increase is 5% on income over $250K. This means that a person who reports income of $250K plus one dollar will be taxed an additional 5 cents. FIVE CENTS!

Yes, that’s right, if it is 5% they are talking about then it means a 5 cent tax increase on people who make $250,001.

Let me repeat that. If you make $250,001, and they raise taxes 5% on people who make over $250K, then you will have to pay 5 cents more. Five cents. F.I.V.E. C.E.N.T.S. That is what people are so upset about. 5 cents.

If it is 5% a person making $260K might pay an additional $500. That’s right, the proposed tax increase is approx. $42 a month on people making $260K, about $21,600 a month. Forty-four dollars out of twenty-one thousand. THIS is what all the right-wingers are screaming about. THIS is what all the Ayn Rand cultists are threatening to stop working over. THAT is how tax brackets work.

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>President Obama’s Weekly Address 9/25/10: Crossroads on the Economy

>The President lays out the choice between his plan to keep our economy moving forward, and the agenda put out by Republicans in Congress taking us backward to the special interest economy that created this mess.

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>Letter: Common Sense Over Politics

>The people of Middletown have crucial decisions to make on November 2 of this election year. This community desperately needs new leadership that recognizes the concerns of the residents here .We can no longer continue to condone the mismanagement, the displays of incompetence and the failed policies of the republican majority on the township committee. Business as usual is contrary to prudent government.

Sean Byrnes is the only committee person willing to recognize the current economic conditions the residents of this town face. He has consistently voted against the failed policies of the current majority now serving. Their priorities are themselves, their party and their cronies, in that order. They refuse to consider
the very valid suggestions, that have been offered by Mr. Byrnes to right the sinking ship that is government in Middletown. These republicans seem oblivious to reality as they ignore the fact that the people in this country are in revolt against unfair and excessive taxation.

As a resident of this township for forty three years .I believe Middletown will be a much better place to live when bipartisan government becomes a reality here. We cannot afford three more years of the blatant disdain and disregard of the very people who pay the bills here….The taxpayers.

Time to vote for the re-election of Sean Byrnes and to elect his running mate,Mary Mahoney,.Mary is a person of honesty and integrity who shares Sean’s vision for a better Middletown and a government that serves and respects the people who live and pay taxes here. They are both remarkable individuals.

Common sense must prevail over politics and the acute indifference that exists now towards the Middletown taxpayer.

Barbara R. Thorpe

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>There seems to be NO reason why Middletown can’t televise it’s meetings other than Gerry doesn’t want to.

>An excellent article appears in today’s edition of the Tow River Times titled “Twp. Officials Differ On Wisdom Of Videotaping Meetings“, it is written by reporter John Burton and pretty much counters everything that has been said by Gerry Scharfenberger as to why Township Committee meetings can’t be televised over the local cable access channels.

Burton contacted a spokesman for Verizon, Mr. Duthaler, who explained that “Cable companies take a small portion of the money paid to them by customers, and pay those allotments to the varies towns, what are called franchise fees. Some communities use portions of those funds to tape and broadcast meetings and other community information…

Sometimes municipalities negotiate with the cable providers, which can cover much, possibly all, of the cost of equipment. If Verizon is available in a community, that company, under its state agreement, would make available the necessary equipment and train personnel for any municipality that wants it, that’s the way for them [towns] to get anything they want, all the equipment, all for free”.

The article goes on to say that the cost of televising meeting is only ~$14k-$15k a year, which is a far cry from the $120k figure that Gerry Scharfenberger told residents at Shadow Lake Village last night it would cost when asked.
Burton also contacted representatives from Long Branch and Howell Twsp. to ask their opinions about how well things have worked out with televising meetings and both shared with him the same sentiments. “I think its working out well.”
As to Scharfenberger’s worrying about legal responiblities if something inappropriate is broadcast, David Bonowski, Howell’s director of Management Information Systems, stated that in the six years Howell has been doing it(taping meetings for public broadcast)ed there has been no editing of content. “We haven’t had anything happen at a meeting that would violate the FCC public guidelines and regulations.”
So what is the problem here other than Scharfenberger and the Republicans that have been in control of Middletown for over 30 years, just don’t want to do it.
Committeeman Sean Byrnes is qouted as charging,“opponents are actively trying to keep meetings from being made available for the public.”

“I think if you could pick up the clicker and put on the local equivalent of C-Span and see what’s going on,” he said, “I don’t see how it can hurt.”

I happen to agree with him as do many other residents on this issue. Whenever you can bring more transparency to the process of government it is a good thing, especially when you consider that the costs of recording and broadcasting meeting can be done for little to no costs to the tax payer.


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>Sarah Palin’s Top 10 Tea Party Mamma Grizzlies



D.C. Douglas Releases New Video Highlighting Sarah Palin’s Top 10 Tea Party Mamma Grizzlies

Los Angeles, CA September 21, 2010

D.C. Douglas, a veteran character actor and voice over artist, has produced another in a series of comedic political videos. “Sarah Palin’s Top 10 Tea Party Mamma Grizzlies” is a 4 minute voter’s guide to Sarah Palin’s mid-term Tea Party congress candidate picks.

“I find it best to put all your crazy tea bags into one pot so you can get a real taste of Sarah Palin’s political acumen,” says Mr. Douglas.

Mr. Douglas was thrust into the spotlight in April of this year when a tea party group, FreedomWorks, posted his private voicemail on an Andrew Breitbart website and called for his dismissal from performing voice over work on a new GEICO campaign. A month later, Mr. Douglas struck back with a Tea Party PSA that went viral and inspired thousands of people to look at FreedomWorks differently.

Since then, Mr. Douglas has released How To Comment On YouTube Videos (a cartoon mocking the responses to his first video), Matt Kibbe Pitches Dick (a mock ad for Dick Armey’s new book), and Burn A Quran Day, a controversial mock ad which also went viral last week.

You can learn more about D.C. Douglas at


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>Newark Mayor Cory Booker To Host Monmouth County Chairman’s Ball


Here’s an event I am surely not going to miss!
Monmouth County Democratic Chairman Victor V. Scudiery
The Monmouth County Democrats Executive Committee
Cordially invite you to attend the
21st Annual
Chairman’s Ball
With Special Host
Thursday, September 30th, 2010
7:00pm ~ 9:30pm
Sterling Gardens
227 Freneau Avenue (Rt. 79)
Matawan, NJ 07747
$125 per person
Black Tie (Optional)
Gold Level Sponsorship ~ 8 Tickets and Full Page Ad ~ $5,000
Silver Level Sponsorship ~ 4 Tickets and Full Page Ad ~ $2,500
Ad Journal
½ page: $100 Full page: $150
Covers (3): $500
For more information, pls e-mail me back @

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