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>Democracy For America Canvassing in Red Bank Tomorrow, Oct. 2nd

>As everyone may know, we are entering the homestretch of the 2010 campaign season and progressive candidates need your help.

The best way to stop the Republicans from erasing all the gains we, as Democrats, have made in the past two years is to get out there and get involved. You can do that by hooking up with the local chapter of Democracy for America(DFA) for Democracy for America’s National Day of Action this Saturday, October 2.

Red Bank Councilman and local chapter president for Democracy for America, Ed Zipprich will be hosting a Day of Action event starting at 1 PM.

They will start by meeting up at the Zebu Forno, Broad Street, in Red Bank and will be canvassing the Red Bank area to support Congressman Pallone’s re-election. They will be working for our county candidates Eric Brophy for Monmouth County Sheriff, Councilwoman Janice Venables who is running for the Board of Chosen Freeholders with incumbent Freeholder (Judge) John D’Amico, as well.

This DFA Day of Action will also add gusto to local municipal candidates’ campaigns for re-election — Red Bank Councilwomen Kathy Horgan and Sharon Lee.

Volunteers are welcomed to join and participate in tomorrow event.

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>Anger Level Rises As Tax Bills Arrive Throughout Middletown

>I’ve been hearing a lot from Middletown residents over the past few days, it seems as though the new property tax bills are starting to show up in their mail boxes and they are not happy.

They are angry over the huge increase in the municipal tax rate that for many seems to be a 14% increase over last years bill.They are also angry at the deception that mayor Gerry Scharfenbegrer and those that are in the majority and have held power in Middletown for 3 generations are trying pull over on them.

To continually insist to residents that their tax TOTAL bill only increased by 2.67%, while true, is extremely misleading and downright dishonest. It is nothing more than a ploy to distract the less sophisticated residents around town that live their lives in a bubble from questioning what is really happening. For those people who are living in the bubble and for those who are not take a good look at your tax bill and the letter that accompanied it.

As I stated, yes the overall TOTAL tax increase to OUR tax bill is 2.67% but the total tax bill (Municipal, Schools and County combined) has risen by a total 4.00%.

That’s 2.67% for Middletown and 1.33% for school,county,open spaces, garbage…. Middletown’s municipal tax increase makes up 2/3’s of the total tax that is reflected in the tax bill.

You will notice that the letter of explanation that was enclosed with the tax bills does not state that a 13.99% increase in the municipal rate has occurred no matter how it is twisted, but it is clear to see that Middletown’s increase is easily twice that of the school increase while the County and Garbage taxes declined.

The only thing included in the letter that was clear and honest was the table that divided up the total $.07 cents per $100 increase to the total tax rate which showed that Middletown’s portion of that increase was $.048, which tells it all.

Middletown is fully responsible for nearly 69% of this years TOTAL tax increase to residents property tax bills.

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>Monmouth County Democratic Chairman’s Ball Huge Success

>I just got in a few minutes ago from the Monmouth County Democratic Chairman’s that was held at Sterling Gardens in Matawan this evening and based on what I witnessed there I have to say that it was a huge success.

I got there late due to the fact that I had came directly from work. I knew I was in for a special evening when I couldn’t find a parking spot and had to double park along the back fence of the lot.

Inside I was stunned to see that it was wall to wall Democrats that came out to see special guest, Newark Mayor Cory Booker, who took the time out of his busy schedule to stop by Monmouth County and honor Democratic Chairman Victor Scudiery.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a large turn-out as this, with ticket that cost $125 a person they really raked in some cash.

I wish that I could remember exactly what Booker spoke about, I was still a little disheveled from arriving late but from what I do remember, Mayor Booker gave a very inspirational speech about his father and growing up. He related those experiences to how he now perceives himself and how he wishes to help others.

I was very impressed.

I heard him speak before at an Obama Rally in Newark last year but was to far away to appreciate what he was saying. He definitely has the “IT” factor. He will be a huge force in politics both locally and nationally for a long time if he chooses to be.

After Mayor Booker left the reception center, Congressman Frank Pallone and the candidates for County Office, Sheriff candidate Eric Brophy, Freeholder Candidate Janice Venable and Freeholders Amy Mallet and John D’Amico spoke about the issues and the upcoming election.

They really got those in the audience fired-up, which I was happy to see, because it seems that Democrats have just been going through the motions this year with little enthusiasm. I felt that those that walked out of the reception center were really going to start engaging full throttle in this years election as they left.

Speaking of “as they left”, I want to thank Chairman Scudiery for stopping Mayor Booker on his way out the door long enough to introduce him to me so that I could grab a picture with him. I also want to thank John McCarthy for being in the right place at the right time. As I was standing there trying to get a picture of Mayor Booker my camera’s batteries died, if he wasn’t there to remind me that I had another camera built within my cell phone and was willing to take the photo, I would never have forgiven myself for walking out the door early this morning without back-up batteries. Thank you both.

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>Jersey Scandal – Could Another Operation Bid Rig Be Far Behind In Monmouth County?


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