>It’s Your Town Newsletter Volumn 2, Issue 21, 9/20/10

>This edition of the It’s Your Town newsletter that covers the Middletown Township Committee meeting of September 20,2010 has just been released.

This newsletter is a large file due to the inclusion of the monthly bill list which is a 3MB file all by itself. It seems to be such a large file because the way that the Township generates them,which makes these types of files it almost unsearchable.

To make it easier links have been included main newsletter to bring you to particular ordinances and resolutions that were voted on and at the end of them there is a link to bring you back to the newsletter. The bill list also has return links in the top right corner of each page.

This newsletter is the closest thing to being at the meeting there is without actually having to be there. The only other thing that would make it closer to being there that reading this newsletter would be if the meetings were televised. In that way you
could see everything word for word.

With the recent article in the Two River Times explaining the costs of televising meetings, there should be no reason that Middletown should not be televising the monthly Committee meetings.

There have been so many reason and excuses as to why Township can’t record and broadcast them it is ridiculous.

Some of the excuses have been:

  • – People will use it to grandstand.
  • – The BOE does not want the TV Production students to stay out so late at night.
  • – It will cost $100K to produce the meetings.
  • – Nobody will watch the meetings.
  • – Only 5-6 people have ever requested that the meetings be broadcast.

The best excuse however was told by Gerry Scharfenberger who said that “There is no public benefit in broadcasting the meetings.”

Well there is nothing like the real thing I always say.
Click >>>> Here >>> to read this edition o the It’s Your Town newsletter.

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