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>Video: Sean Byrnes Talks About Recent Tax increase

>Middletown Township Committeeman Sean Byrnes addresses the municipal tax rate increase in front of attendees at the Byrnes & Mahoney Town Hall Meeting held on September 27,2010 at Panera Bread in Middletown.

Included in this video is a ten year Tax Chart that shows the history of tax increases by the Township Committee. The chart shows that during Gerry Scharfenberger’s on the Township Committee (3 as mayor, 2 as deputy mayor) the municipal tax rate has risen by over 41%.

Sean Byrnes states that this year’s increase was larger than the school system’s and County combined.

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>Sipprelle a no-show on Project Vote Smart’s Political Courage Test

>Here is an interesting piece of information about the Republican 12th Congressional District Candidate Scott Sipprelle, who is hoping to defeat Congressman Rush Holt this November. If you happen to live in 12th Congressional District, you might be even more interested in this information.

Scott Sipprelle either failed or refused to respond to repeated requests by Project Vote Smart–a bi-partisan voter education group dedicated to good government–to indicate his positions on a broad range of issues of importance to voters in New Jersey’s 12th Congressional District. What does he have to hide?

I looked at the question and answer pages for Rush Holt and found the questions to be rather generic, nothing out of the ordinary that make one feel that they would be hurting themselves if they answered them. Questions on abortion, health care, gun control, and spending are just a few that Project Vote Smart was asking candidates for their position on. Questions that you would think would play right into the hands of a conservative like Sipprelle. I guess he thought otherwise.

His non-response doesn’t surprise me, they way that the Republican Party has been campaigning this year, not wanting the public to know who their candidates are and blurring the lines between them and tea partyers. They just hit the media with anti-incumbant material and provide no solutions of their own.

Here is the link page for Scott Sipprelle, you’ll notice that he did not respond to any of the questions:


By contrast, Rush Holt responded promptly and fully more than a month ago to the same request, and you can see his responses in the link below:


Those that are interest and live in the 12th Congressional District want to contact Mr. Sipprelle’s office (at 609-356-0320) and ask his people why he won’t provide voters the information necessary for them to make an informed decision.

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