>Letter: Resident supports Mahoney for Township Committee

>This letter also appears in this weeks edition of the Independent:

I have known Mary Mahoney for over 25 years, both personally and professionally. Having worked together as buyers in the New York City garment industry, Mary impressed me with her ability to work well with people and her willingness to help everyone. She was well respected in our field, and set an example for honesty and integrity.

I also had the pleasure to do business with Mary when she opened and managed a New York City showroom, once again conducting herself with the utmost professionalism.

After Mary retired from the garment industry to raise her family, we reconnected when we discovered we both lived in Middletown. At that time, she had been running her own successful home-based business and was very active as a volunteer in her community.

In my current position as a director for Good Housekeeping magazine, I needed to fill a position and jumped at the chance to hire Mary. I knew I could trust her to succeed in this position because of her efficiency and dependability, and she proved me correct once again.

I believe Mary has the skills and capability to be a valuable asset on the Middletown Township Committee. She possesses a wealth of common sense and will work hard for the people of Middletown.

Kathleen Huddy


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