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>Speaking of Signs; Has Halloween Tricks All Ready Started In Middletown With The Taking Of Byrnes and Mahoney Signs ?

>In the 5 days that I had been away attending my grandfathers funeral in Utah, I noticed in my return that here have been a number of Byrnes & Mahoney signs missing from the roadsides that had been there previously.

I know periodically that signs are taken by kids as pranks or are removed by Township, County or State employees if the signs are thought to be on land that is owned by either entity,but when only the signs of one group of candidates are being taken away and the others remain that raises the red flag.
Such is the case with Middletown Committeeman Sean Byrnes and his running mate Mary Mahoney, their signs seem to be disappearing and not just from the roadside but from private property and resident homes as well, while their republican opponents signs are still visible on lawns and on roadways.
As confirmation of what I have been witnessing, I have been sent an email and found a letter to the editor posted at the Independent’s website that discusses exactly what I had been feeling since my return:

“Boo! Once again, Halloween (dirty?) tricks are in evidence in Middletown. On Palmer Avenue, Leonardville Road by the Navy underpass, and other Middletown locations there is a pattern of Scharfenberger-Settembrino election signs being placed very close in front of Byrnes-Mahoney signs, blocking their visibility. Gremlins have also placed some Little signs to block the other side of Byrnes signs.

In the pre-Halloween spirit of generosity, I choose to believe that the disrespectful sign positioning is due to the fearful over-zealousness of campaign workers, like the young goblin caught in the act late at night. Perhaps Mayor Scharfenberger is not aware of the tactics. I call upon the mayor to take responsibility, order the situation corrected at once, and not sanction repetition of the tactic.”

And the Letter from the Independent:
Taking political signs impedes political process

The Middletown Democrats have been experiencing an appreciable loss of political signs. Perhaps you have noticed where they are missing. Those are the signs that have the names of Sean Byrnes and Mary Mahoney on them. They seem to be disappearing from various parts of the township.

I have been trying to police them, and I have concluded that some of our signs are actually stolen in broad daylight. The situation has been studied, and I have given it a great deal of attention.

I have concluded that it is not the local raccoons that are attracted to our signs, but it may be the rats. The attraction for Democratic signs has been so great that whenever Democratic signs make an appearance with other signs, it is ours that are taken. Once they are taken, they are never to be seen again. I am not trying to call this kidnapping, but it may be close to the same thing.

Whatever you want to call this, there is one thing for certain. The perpetrators are impeding the political process, which is the basis of our democracy.

Preston Gillam


Do adults really need to play these silly games? If so, it could only lead to one conclusion in peoples minds and that is, Gerry Scharfenberger and the rest of the Middletown GOP are deathly afraid of losing this election, after a 5 year record of raising taxes by 45%, I would be afraid of losing also. Even still, to have members of your party taking down or block your opponents signs with your own, is childish. It’s time to grow up!


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>What’s Wrong With This Sign?

>Can anyone tell me what is wrong with this sign? The sign is announcing the upcoming “Meet the Candidates” night, a non-partisan event that is sponsored every year by the Lincroft Village Green Association (LVGA) on Oct 28th.

Similar signs to this have been hanging at the corner of Pharlyxn and Newman Springs Rd (rt.520), on the edge of Lincroft’s Village Green Park for years. Now all of a sudden the Township wants it taken down.
Middletown Parks & Recreation Director Gregg Silva, recently contacted directors of the LVGA asking that they remove the banner from the corner of the park because of a resident complaint. The Township has a rule that no political signs can be placed on Township property.
In my mind and in others, this sign is nothing more than an advertisement for an event to meet all candidates that are running for Township Committee, not a political sign.
Silva said that he wanted the sign/banner removed immediately, he even offered to have his men from P&R take down the sign for the LVGA (as if he had nothing better to do with Township resources).
It seems to me that this is just another ploy by the Middletown Republicans to stifle debate and keep attendance down to the minimum at this years LVGA Candidates Night, seeing that they sense there opponents, Sean Byrnes and Mary Mahoney, have built a tremendous amount of support throughout Lincroft and the rest of Middletown and have Gerry Scharfenberger and the rest of the Republicans running scared.
I will be interested in hearing about who took this sign down when or if it happens. As of this morning the sign is still there.


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