>What’s Wrong With This Sign?

>Can anyone tell me what is wrong with this sign? The sign is announcing the upcoming “Meet the Candidates” night, a non-partisan event that is sponsored every year by the Lincroft Village Green Association (LVGA) on Oct 28th.

Similar signs to this have been hanging at the corner of Pharlyxn and Newman Springs Rd (rt.520), on the edge of Lincroft’s Village Green Park for years. Now all of a sudden the Township wants it taken down.
Middletown Parks & Recreation Director Gregg Silva, recently contacted directors of the LVGA asking that they remove the banner from the corner of the park because of a resident complaint. The Township has a rule that no political signs can be placed on Township property.
In my mind and in others, this sign is nothing more than an advertisement for an event to meet all candidates that are running for Township Committee, not a political sign.
Silva said that he wanted the sign/banner removed immediately, he even offered to have his men from P&R take down the sign for the LVGA (as if he had nothing better to do with Township resources).
It seems to me that this is just another ploy by the Middletown Republicans to stifle debate and keep attendance down to the minimum at this years LVGA Candidates Night, seeing that they sense there opponents, Sean Byrnes and Mary Mahoney, have built a tremendous amount of support throughout Lincroft and the rest of Middletown and have Gerry Scharfenberger and the rest of the Republicans running scared.
I will be interested in hearing about who took this sign down when or if it happens. As of this morning the sign is still there.


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5 responses to “>What’s Wrong With This Sign?

  1. >What the **** wll they try next. Silva needs his A*+ kicked !!!Or he needs to be FIRED !!

  2. >Another desperate move for a desperate Mayor. This is becoming pathetic.

  3. >How about all the Schafty signs on township parks? Also,they don't even ask permission to put a sign on your lawn. One was place on my lawn, and I promptly put it in the garbage where it belongs.The nerve of these people makes me sick, and I'm a Republican!I also heard Schafty's running mate has been making house calls to any Republican with a Byrnes/Mahoney sign and asking why are they supporting them. Boy is he getting an earful. I hope he goes right back to Peter Carton with all the complaints about Schafty.

  4. >Reminds me about the attempt at intimidation I experienced when duringPat Short's first run for the TC and one TC member sent me a packet and advised me I should rethink the sign for Patrick on my lawn.I STILL HAVE THAT PACKET !! I NEVER TOOK DOWN PATRICK'S SIGN EITHER !!This current endeavor by the REPUBLICANS defies reason and perhaps the law.The sign at the Lincroft Village Green Park is an informational sign for a Candidates Night presided over by the League of Women Voters !!!WHY are the Republicans so threatened by a Candidates Night….are they afraid the public will see them finally for what they really are ??Every resident in this community should protest this act against the citizens right to know and their freedom of speech,the First Amendment.For transparent government…..VOTE BYRNES & MAHONEY on NOV. 2 and…Call the mayor's office to protest this reprehensible action to stymie an educational Candidates Night !!

  5. >I called many township officials and learned that under Middletown Code 16-635 Section F #14 Temporary Signs,political signs are permitted. ("Temporary signs publicizing or promoting a public election, school board election, campaign for public office, or public referendum…"Zoning and Public Works told me that although signs are not allowed in the 10' right of way there is an exception for political signs. Today Greg Silva told me that no signs can be in the parks. He ignored my suggestion that he check the ordinance, saying "We've been doing that for 25 years. You don't see signs at Town Hall, do you?" I have more calls out to nail this down.I see no regulation preventing permitting signs at public buildings or parks.

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