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>What The Readers Are Thinking: Update on APP’s "Late-night automated call irks Middletown residents"

>I couldn’t help myself from posting the latest comments left by residents on the APP article written about the late night Robo calls Tuesday night. These people can see right through Schary’s rouse!

Thedebstery wrote:
This guy must think we are all the biggest idiots. Three weeks before election and he’s calling at 10 p.m. to tell us about cardboard?????????? Duh, technical glitch, double duh, clueless as to how it’s paid for. Please, let’s vote this fool out of office when election day comes up or he may delude himself into running for governor. A PhD in archeology does not give you the intellect to run a town or a telephone system
10/15/2010 12:23:09 PM

litasilva wrote:
Replying to whosright:

“What I find amusing is the mayor does not know the company or the money that is paid to this company for services.. Go figure..”

Yeah, pretty funny. If I was in his shoes and this kind of debacle happened, I’d at least know whose name to curse under my breath. For crying out loud, he made the recording, he had to know that all the blow back would be his.
10/15/2010 11:06:03 AM

PhilAOPhish wrote:
“residents heard the recorded voice of their mayor, Gerard Scharfenberger, touting the importance of recycling” Recycling is very important. It’s time to recycle Scharfenberger.
10/15/2010 10:51:30 AM

whosright wrote:
What I find amusing is the mayor does not know the company or the money that is paid to this company for services.. Go figure..
10/15/2010 10:42:09 AM

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>Letter: Middletown Needs Less Partisanship

>This letter to the editor appears today in the Atlantic Highlands Herald:

Dear Editor,
My favorite quotes come from a founding father and former president, Thomas Jefferson, “the greatest good we can do is to heal party divisions and make them one people”. I believe that thought was intended to be translated right down to the local levels. That would mean our political parties would actually be working for the betterment of the people they serve regardless of party affiliation. Unfortunately, I have yet to see that happen in Middletown, my local neck of the woods.
I would then suppose the next thing the residents could hope for in our governing body is a system of checks and balances. Well folks, we don’t have that either and that most certainly is not in our best interest.
On numerous occasions, Democrat Sean Byrnes has made motions that would well serve our residents. Sound ideas and advance planning need to be acted on in a non-partisan environment for the good of the community. Sean’s motions are never seconded and they die right there in the workshop – never discussed publicly. This is not the kind of governing the founding fathers planned for us.
Mary Mahoney an accomplished business woman, community advocate, civic leader, and long term Middletown resident has courageously stepped up to the plate as Mr. Byrnes running mate. Something few of us would be willing to do during these difficult economic times.
Please help restore a system of checks and balances to Middletown’s governing body by casting your vote this November for Byrnes and Mahoney.

Mary Ellen Hintz
Lincroft, NJ

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>APP: Late-night automated call irks Middletown residents

>Evidently those late night “Robo” calls made by Gerry Scharfenberger late Tuesday night that informed Middletown residents about the virtues of recycling cardboard and junk mail, pissed off an awful lots of residents, so much so that the phone lines down at Town Hall were flooded with complaints all day Wednesday and sparked an article that appears in today’s Asbury Park Press.

What bothers me here is, instead of taking full responsibility for placing these calls using the reverse 911 system (that should only be used in emergencies in the first place), the mayor and Town Administrator Tony Mercantante, blamed the phone service they used to place the calls. They said it was a “glitch” in the program, that the phone calls were scheduled to go out at 6:45pm and not the late hour that they did.

Another thing that bothers me is why were these calls made now, 3 weeks before the election? The “Recycle to Save” program has been in effect now for two months, residents have already been notified several ways about it. Was a late night phone call really necessary? I mean come on, I received my Middletown Matters Newsletter in the mail Wednesday morning. It devotes almost the entire front page to it (I’ll make sure that it makes it into the recycling bin when I throw it out).

Mercantante is quoted as saying “The whole Township Committee agreed to this, I don’t think it was done politically at all.” is a snow job in itself. From what I have been told there was no discussion prior to these calls being made, other than the initial discussions that took place months earlier, that calls to residents could be made to inform residents of the recycling changes It was never discussed that Gerry Scharfenberger would be making these calls. The calls should have been made by Ted Maloney the Director of Public Works, if calls were going to go out in the first place. Can you blame people for thinking that this call was politically motivated, to somehow give Scharfenberger a boost in his re-election campaign?

Here are a few reader comments that were posted on the APP website after the article so far this morning:

jerzyguy wrote:
Did he use the reverse 911 phone system to make these calls? I thought that was paid for by the taxpayers to alert them of emergencies. I guess using a taxpayer funded emergency phone system to tell people to vote for you would not be wise, so tell them to recycle. Maybe the Mayor thinks he should be recycled. That might be the hidden message to get people to vote for him. 10/15/2010 8:43:14 AM

breaker123 wrote:
The Mayor steps in it again. Check out MMM, he actually said the calls were Sean Byrnes’ idea.
They may or may not have been, but to do this 3 weeks before an election when it was not an emergency is suspicious. Why wasn’t it done 2 months ago when the recycling went into effect? Its already been printed in the Middletown Matters. BYW that was filled with propaganda and spin making our budget problems sound like eveything is hunky dory in Middletown. This was a thinly veiled campaign tactic pure and simple. 10/15/2010 8:59:15 AM

10centsworth wrote:

Yeah right,tell us another ridiculous story and think we are all ignorant.
This reaks,reminds of a little kid screaming for something it wants so bad it can’t behave
Nobody is fooled by the nonsense in this community…especially at election time !!!!
10/15/2010 9:04:46 AM

10centsworth wrote:

Recycling cardboard was Sean’s idea…
THE ROBO Calls are the mayor’s idea,another ridiculous attempts to annoy the voters of Middletown any way he can . .
We all are aware he wants something he may not get this time.
GROW UP SCHARFEY !!! 10/15/2010 9:13:02 AM

TrainedInvestigator wrote:
You know…when the phone rings at 9:47 p.m. and you look down at the caller i.d. on the phone to see that it is Middletown Township (fearing bad news) only to learn this was a recorded message spouting some drivel about recycling….you are truly left to wonder. I will certainly remember this call when I vote in Novemeber.
10/15/2010 9:21:56 AM

10centsworth wrote:
BTW….remember the use of the e-mail system at Monmouth University during election season for political purposes during a prior campaign. Didn’t learn your lesson yet,huh???
Using taxpayer dollars,for political propaganda enclosed in tax bills,town newsletters,etc. is questionable also.
The lawyer for this township is paid by the residents here to protect THEM (the taxpayers) in situations like these abuses. Why isn’t that happening? 10/15/2010 9:26:23 AM

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