>Are Little Canvassers Harassing Pallone Supporters?

>People working on behalf of the Anna Little campaign were canvassing parts of Middletown on Saturday and I think that they maybe a bit over zealous by the looks of what was left in a few mailboxes of Frank Pallone supporters.

A Little/Tea Party canvasser left a hand written note on some Little campaign literature that stated ” Based on the lawn sign I see on your lawn, I know your supporting Pallone. I hope that this may change your mind. Feel free to contact our campaign with only questions that you may have. – have a nice day! ” (click on picture below)

Now of course, this is nothing to get all worked up over even though I have always been told that it was not appropriate to leave such things in peoples mailboxes while canvasing neighbourhoods. On a scale of 1 to 10 this maybe ranks a 1. It’s what happened later that night where the problem comes in.

At approximately 9:30pm a white 4-door pick-up truck and what looked like a red Ford Mustang was spotted by the resident who had had the Little campaign flyer with the handwritten note left in their mailbox. The resident opened the door to see what was going on outside, only to witness a few individuals hastily jump back into their vehicles and speed off.

In the morning, while retrieving their newspaper from the driveway, the resident saw that the Pallone for Congress sign that had been on the front lawn was missing, all that was left was the wire frame the it was attached to. Also out in the street in front of his house was the neighbor’s campaign sign that supported the local Middletown Democratic candidates Byrnes & Mahoney.

This resident was outraged that this type of shenanigans is taking place around Middletown by members of the Anna Little campaign and wanted other to be aware of it. The resident stated to me that “I guess this is what they mean by Tea Party Approved. They will never win an election by threats and bullying people into voting for them. That is how they operate in the Communist countries of the world, not here in America!”

I happen to agree, I hope that Anna Little see fit to address this incident to those that have volunteered on her behalf to work on her campaign. I’ve heard of other people of questionable character (people with felony convictions) working closely on her campaign, so before this kind of harassment gets out of hand she needs to address it and request that those responsible no long work on her campaign.


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4 responses to “>Are Little Canvassers Harassing Pallone Supporters?

  1. >Happening in Oceanport too. The Pallone signs around the Little & Sipprelle signs on the public right of way on Oceanport Avenue keep disappearing.

  2. >we could chalk it up to the little minds of Little supporters.

  3. >Whoever is touching signs should stop… Little signs are missing, so are Sipprelle. Enough. This is nonsense.

  4. >Yes signs are missing,but many times those signs are taken by State, County or local municipal workers. This is to be expected.What isn't acceptable is vandalizing personal property or in peoples lawns. What happened in Middletown the other night goes beyond high school games played by children.

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