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>There Will Be NO Televising Meetings While Scharfenberger Is In Office

>Middletown resident Carol Stiglin is a senior resident of Shadow Lake Village who has difficultly getting out at night. She addressed the Middletown Township Committee Monday night Oct.17th and addressed the issue of televising Township meeting so that Middletown residents such as herself could watch proceedings via the local cable access channels.

She presented a petition to the Committee that contained 124 signatures of support on it. Stiglin said that those signatures are in addition to the previous petition that she presented to the Township Committee last year.

At one point during the meeting Monday night(which isn’t captured on this video), mayor Gerry Scharfenberger stated that he didn’t care if the cost of televising meetings cost $102,000 or 102 cents, if it cost the township any money to do so, he wouldn’t support televising meetings!

So much for transparency and keeping citizens informed, I suppose it is better to robo call residents in the middle of the night to inform them of changing to the recycling ordinance than it would be to inform them via television.

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>Potential New Plan For The Dredging Of Shadow Lake Would Include the Army Corp of Engineers

>In this video, Middletown resident Marilyn Michaels, presents information to the Middletown Township Committee about the new township tax rate and the potential use of the Army Corp of Engineers to develop a plan for the dredging of Shadow Lake that would include ideas to get rid of the arsenic laced dredged spoils from the bottom of the lake that would minimally impact to the surrounding area and be more cost efficient than potential plans now being discussed and considered by the major of the Township Committee at the recent Oct.17,2010 Township Committee meeting.

Marilyn Michaels lives on the edge of Shadow Lake and has recently been a leading voice behind its preservation and restoration.

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>Your Commentary Inspired Me


I was sent the following by a reader who was inspired by me to comment on some of the nonsense that Middletown’s acting mayor Gerry Scharfenberger, wrote and submitted to the Asbury Park Press for the candidates feature which was posted online earlier today. Enjoy!

A Commentary on Scharfenberger’s statements in APP

I’m running for a seat on the Middletown Township Committee simply because I care deeply for the township (yeah…that’s why you gave us a 14% tax increase this year… ) and want to help shape its future. I have two children who have gone through or still attend Middletown’s public schools and want our community to be affordable ( a 45% tax increase in 5 years is “affordable?”), desirable and in possession of all of the fine qualities we now enjoy when they grow into adulthood.

One of the most daunting tasks elected officials in New Jersey face is how to cut property taxes (you have NEVER LOWERED TAXES AS AN ELECTED OFFICIAL). While Middletown Township spends far less per capita than any of our neighbors, it is imperative that we lead the way further in cutting spending and lowering property taxes. (If you haven’t found a way to lower our taxes in 5 years, you should thrown out of office!!!) Thankfully, the reforms that Governor Christie has proposed will give local governments the ability to cut the size of government and lower taxes that they don’t have now.

As residents of Middletown, we understand why we have been named one of the top 100 places to live in the country by Money Magazine. As residents of New Jersey, we also know that we are the state with the highest property taxes in the nation. We must immediately cut the size of government and find innovative ways to provide essential services. (Why haven’t you done this after five years?) This will take tough decision-making and creative ideas. I look forward to partnering with Governor Christie to return our state to a place where generations of people can afford to live (I can’t afford another term of Gerry!) and raise their families.

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>Friends of Amit Will Hold Rally In Freehold To Demand Justice On Oct. 20th, Update: Family holds rally over Marlboro man’s death in jail

>If you have been keeping track of the Amit Borestien case that has become a major issue for Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden and the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Department, you may be interested in reading/watching the coverage of today’s rally in Freehold.

Borestien was the 22 year old man who was taken into custody by sheriff officers over the summer and died while in custody 22 hours later, apparently from injuries sustained while being beaten by several members of the Monmouth County Department of Corrections.

News12 covered the rally in Freehold today and has posted it’s story online with an accompanying video that unfortunately I can not post on the blog.

The one thing that I will say about the video is that Sheriff Golden, who is seeking to be elected to his first full term as Monmouth County Sheriff on November 2nd, did not present himself well while talking to the News12 reporter. He didn’t seem very confident on what he was saying and fumbled through the brief segment.

You can watch the Video and read coverage from News12 >>>Here


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