>Happy Halloween !!

Happy Halloween Everyone,

While your out trick-or-treating today beware of all the goons and thugs out there on the streets, we wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt because of some idiots that would rather play tricks on people then partake in some treats.

Speaking of idiots, I just had to pass this one along. This morning around 4:30 am I was a woken by the sound of firecrackers outside my window, slightly down the street from my house. I got up to look outside and noticed that a number of my lawn decorations were out of place and a couple of my air-blown inflatables were laying on the ground. I went outside to see what had happened and found that the inflatables had been cut open with a knife and had a few tether strings cut. Fortunately for me nothing was missing. I have had numerous items stolen from my property over the years.

I call the police just to make them aware of the situation, they said that they had a couple of other reports of firecrackers going off and wanted to know if I wanted to file a report. I said it wasn’t necessary and went back to bed a little agitated.

I temporarily fixed the inflatables with some clear packing tape to get through the day, but they will need to be sown up before they will be ready to next years display.

So the moral of this story is don’t let a few Halloweenies spoil your day.

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