>Election Day 2010


When you go out to the polls today in Middletown remember to

And pull the lever for Sean Byrnes and Mary Mahoney

(And while you’re at it, a vote for Holt, Pallone, Venables, D’Amico and Brophy would be in order also)


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3 responses to “>Election Day 2010

  1. >Looks like more of the same from the foolish Middletown citizenry.

  2. >Should we be surprised that Middletown citizens voted against their own best interests locally? They also vented their anger over the lousy economy by voting big for Scott Siprelle, hedge fund manager and venture capitalist.

  3. >I think the Middletown residents had a brain freeze yesterday and forgot that their Mayor is an idiot. Thanks to Anna's crazy army they all came out to vote and went down party lines. What a bunch of loonies in this town.

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