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>Who’s the Career Politician Now?


Isn’t it ironic that after campaign literature was sent out by Gerry Scharfenberger and his buddies that make up the Middletown GOP accusing Democratic opponent Committeeman Sean Byrnes of being a career politician, that it is Gerry Scharfenberger who winds up being the real career politician now that he has been appointed to a new position within the Christie administration?

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>Unbelievable, Win or Lose Scharfy Was Going to Trenton

The news coming out of Middletown today about our acting mayor Gerry Scharfenberger, is unbelievable but not really unexpected, many in Middletown thought that Scharfy had higher political aspirations then just sitting around Middletown pretending to care about the town, while driving up the municipal tax rate by 45% during his tenure as a member of the Township Committee.

Today’s announcement that Scharfy has been appointed by Governor Christie to a $95,000 a year job as the new Director of the Office for Planning Advocacy (formerly the Office of Smart Growth), just confirmed it. His appointment to this position is a strange one considering after all considering that the man doesn’t know how to plan for a township budget that doesn’t include huge tax increases.

But I guess the only real qualifications needed for this appointment was his incessant and partisan bashing of all that were not of his same political affiliations and the nonstop, obsessive, sucking-up to Christie that borders on some strange kind of “Bromance”.

Does this mean that he will be leaving his current job as a Senior Lead Archaeologist for GAI Consultants and giving up his part-time teaching job at Monmouth University? I don’t see how he can find time for two full-time jobs, one part-time job and still have time to “volunteer” his services as a member of the Middletown Township Committee. Knowing how egotistical Scharfenberger is, I’m sure that he wont let it get in his way. He’ll continue to serve out his newly elected term while padding his State pension with his new found tax payer windfall.

I wonder how many people would have voted for this sleazy political hack if they had known before Tuesday’s election he would be leaving Middletown to work for Christie in Trenton? I mean really, this appointment didn’t just happen over night. It had to have been planned, win or lose, for weeks if not months.

How good does this appointment look anyway for Christie, do you think that he will get any slack from the public after announcing that 1,200 public employees will be losing their jobs in January? I’m sure one public employee isn’t to happy about it, that would be Acting Executive Director of the Office for Planning Advocacy , Linda Kellner, who has to make way for Scharfenberger.

As an anonymous poster stated on a previous post when the learned about Scharfy’s new gig:

“Scharfy is now exposed and deceptive as usual. All along only interested in self promotion. Appointed to a business position.That’s beautiful, can’t even do his own budget. Great choice Christie.”

I couldn’t agree more.


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