>Did Someone Say Recall?

>Just a thought, but after the last two posts about the critical editorial and column that appear in today’s edition of the Asbury Park Press, maybe it isn’t such a stretch to be thinking of recalling Scharfengerger from the Middletown Township Committee.

All we need is someone to lead the effort then I’m sure that the rest will fall into place. What do you think, who out there is ready to take this on?


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9 responses to “>Did Someone Say Recall?

  1. >Yeah, it's a big stretch…But hey, knock yourself out.A Governor made a political appointment? "Gasp!"Someone took a state job? "Eek!"When y'all gather to start the recall campaign, make sure someone videotapes the proceedings so we can put it on the Town's cable access channel so everyone in Middletown can see the five of you…

  2. >Hey,great suggestion there genious. The only problem with your idea is that the Township wouldn't play the tape.The excuse would be that no really cares about what goes on around town or at Township meetings, which I doubt is the case.It would make for riveting television that I wouldn't mind watching.

  3. >Hey Mike,Recognize the familiar ranting of Anonymous 6:48 p.m. …wonder why his cheerleader has been so silent on the articles on the Asbury Park Press ?With all her screen names must be some alias she hasn't used yet.Or is she now "THE JOE" ?Maybe the jig is finally up with this man. The APP editorial was scathing!!!!

  4. >Hey Lincroft loudmouth- maybe "y'all" just start with having the Township Committee broadcast its Committee meetings on cable access, or do you have something to hide?

  5. >Hey 6:48 – LOL! Hey 8:00 – why is it that every time someone doesn't toe the "Middletown Mike" Sharfey-hating party line, they're declared "The Cheerleader"? Have you ever thought that maybe there's more than one cheerleader out here in Middletown? And yeah, I grew up in Lincroft – so friggin' what??

  6. >Televising the Township Committee meetings would go a LONG WAY to putting a stop to the shenanigans these creeps call government in Middletown.The people would then see Peter Carton's Dynasty's version of DEMOCRACY!!This is a third world town!!!

  7. >Hey 7:39……all of you cheerleaders are squirrel turds from Majestic Ave. or are in need of the help of a good head doctor .You can't recognize fact from fantasy.How do you like your seventy one percent Middletown portion of the "total tax increase "of the TOTAL TAX BILL ?You dunces can't do fifth grade math.

  8. >If this is a third world town, why don't you move somewhere else? There are 565 other "better" municipalities out there in New Jersey.And don't forget that "the" cheerleader might be any of the almost 12,000 who just voted for Scharfy.

  9. >Anony 10:54….And they are going to get what they voted for….HIGHER TAXES …..As Yogi always said: "wait till next year".There ARE better places to live and most are not in the "Soprano State",of that you can be sure.TELEVISE TC meetings,you can all become "stars"…"rock stars". All 12,000 of you that are not aware of what really takes place in this town and vote accordingly . .

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